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Stephanie & Joe’s books and rock ‘n’ roll castle wedding

Get ready for a gorgeous castle, a handmade winter cape (made by mom!), a lovely moment between the bride and her father, and lots of handmade goodies and details. Add in the book and rock elements and you’re in for a super personalized good time. Oh, and just wait until you hear about their surprise hit: the HAIR BAR! I mustache you to look for it…

mad hatter cupcakes alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Mimie & Galo’s weird and wonderful Wonderland wedding

Two introverts in love, a little Alice in Wonderland decor, and surprise vintage-turned-modern style totally makes this Philippines wedding a super sweet sight to behold. Just wait until you see how the groom thwarted all those “glass-clinking” requests at the ceremony. Oh, and don’t miss the cake/water feature at the reception!

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Melissa & Joe’s Star Wars masquerade ball

It’s Star Wars week and today we’ve got a Star Wars-themed masquerade with handmade masks, a Yoda officiant, and a wedding party complete with all the major characters from the movies. Add in the LED bouquets, the “future preview” movies, life-sized Han in carbonite, and mini lightsabers for everyone, and you’ve got a wedding to make any Star Wars fan start heavy breathing. Oh, and wait until you see the surprise reception dance!

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Rachel & Kieran’s travel-themed foodie wedding

You might remember this short and busty bride from her custom dress process. We’ve now got the whole story including their fabulously elegant guild hall venue, amazing vintage travel theme, and celebrity moments on the way to the church and after the ceremony. Plus, spy all the sweet pastel details like the cupcakes, the confetti, and the buttons on the back of the bride’s dress!

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Ann & Eric’s Detroit lovefest with old timey revelry

These two love them some old timey fun and brought it ALL to their wedding in the bride’s hometown of Detroit. She also totally schooled her Chicago pals in all things awesome in Detroit: the Henry Ford museum complex, awesome food (including Coney dogs!), and goodie bags filled with local snacks and beers. Get on your penny-farthing and come take a peek!

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What logistics should I consider for a seated bridal party?

When I stood in my brother’s bridal party I just kept wishing I could see around the maid of honor’s head and I thought “Man, being honored is great and all but I’ve got the worst seat in the house.” Plus, some of our shyer friends might feel more comfortable sitting instead of standing as a part of the show.

I can’t seem to find anything around Offbeat Bride about others with a bridal parted seated around them so I’m wondering how often it’s done and if there are any logistics I should consider.