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I DON’T WANT YOUR STUPID MONEY, MOM: How to turn down financial help

My parents offered to pay for most of our wedding next summer, which seemed great at first. But within four days of being engaged, my mom had already used the phrase “If i’m paying for it i will have X” and is being very very pushy about choosing a venue…”

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Momzilla and wedding budgeting

Everyone warns you about Bridezilla, but no one tells you about how your mom will morph into Momzilla! My simple rule: If mom’s payin’, you need to listen to what she’s sayin’.

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Offbeat Advice #3

Offbeat Advice #3 from arielmeadow on Vimeo. I would like to add to my advice in the video: if you work it right, having a mother-in-law who’s an event planner could be a really awesome thing! I’d also like to open it up to my beloved offbeat brides and ask all you: how would you […]