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Yep, some brides have hairy legs. Some brides love their armpit hair (…and in fact some of them even like to dye it bright colors!). Some brides don’t care about your beauty standards. So if you’re wondering if you need to shave for your wedding… the answer is not unless you want to, darling.

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Hair Glitter is the wedding accessory you didn’t even know you needed!

You might remember our sponsor oVertone as the collection of colorful-infusing conditioners that help you keep your mermaid/unicorn/alien/fairy hair vibes going between dye jobs. (And the only reason my hair stays remotely purple between trips to the salon, as I refuse to take cold showers.) But that’s not the only way oVertone is revolutionizing your head. Because they’re back with something even more exciting…

Freaking HAIR GLITTER!!!

Look at all the ways you can use it…

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Kelsey & Heather’s lesbian family’s farm fresh wedding

Double the brides, double the rainbow! These two brides were married on a rainy day in a big barn full of family and friends. With locally-sourced scrumptious foods and touches of their most recent home in Tanzania, this globe-trotting family stretched their wedding day into a longer party to spend as much time as possible with guests. See how they wove their words and community vows into a most beautiful cry-face…

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Thoughts on being a hairy bride

We already broached the question of “should I shave my armpits of my wedding day,” but let’s hear about it first hand from a bride who chose not to shave on her wedding day.

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Should I shave my armpits for my wedding day?

So you haven’t shaved your armpits in years, but now you’re planning a wedding. Do you rock the pit hair, or shave for just this one day?