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Congrats: you’ve been invited to an offbeat wedding! We’re here to help you understand what to expect, with modern offbeat wedding etiquette, ideas for toasts, offbeat wedding gift ideas, and more…

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7 modern wedding guest etiquette questions (+ bonus advice for couples!)

A couple months ago, I was interviewed for an article on Refinery29 about modern wedding guest etiquette. While the article used several of my quotes, I figured I’d share my ALL my answers for seven wedding guest etiquette issues, because who knows! Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to decline being a bridesmaid, or whether you should dress less weird at someone’s wedding.

Plus, I’ve got two bonus etiquette issues for engaged couples at the end. Advice for all!

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Open thread: How should an offbeat wedding guest dress?

“I am generally under-dressed at formal weddings or I end up buying a dress that is boring, wear it once, and donate it. I don’t even know where to look for some cool, offbeat wedding guest dresses. I even googled “dresses to wear to formal weddings” and was overwhelmed by blandness.

I guess basically, can someone tell me (and probably others) what an offbeater wears to a formal gig?”

How to write a kick-ass wedding speech

How to write a wedding speech that KICKS BUTT

What if you’ve been asked to make a wedding speech and you have stage fright, or are getting writer’s block, or are having nightmares about the experience — you know, the one where you’re standing naked in front of the crowd — and kind of want to back out? Well, grab a drink, calm down, and read this advice…

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How to be the best offbeat wedding guest ever

We’re in the midst of wedding season! We’re guessing that more than a few of you aren’t just planning weddings, you’re ATTENDING weddings. From invitation to after-party, here’s our guide on how to be the best offbeat wedding guest evar…

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What my wedding taught me about being a better wedding guest

I had this whole “being a good wedding guest” thing down. Now that my own wedding has passed, I realized that there were some wedding guest mistakes I was making, despite my best intentions. These are the things I’ve learned about being a good wedding guest that I never would have realized until having my own wedding…

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Toasting: why so many people hate this wedding tradition

Sometimes we gossip with our wedding industry vendor friends. We like to get the scoop about things they’re seeing more often at weddings (ring warmings! hand fastings!) and just generally get the insider gossip. And you know what our vendor friends are telling us? That basically, almost everyone hates wedding toasts.