Reclaiming traditions: you CAN love a taffeta wedding dress
Taffeta can be chic AF!
Champagne Gold Taffeta Gown from Jurgita Bridal
I'm going through the traumatic process that is wedding dress shopping, and I'm really open-minded about what I'll consider (you have to be when white isn't in the plans). But I didn't expect to fall in love with a taffeta dress online… Taffeta?!

Searching taffeta even here brings up some pretty judge-y connotations, so I'm hoping you can help. Can we see a round-up of the most fabulous taffeta wedding dresses and break that stigma? – Jess
Thanks heaps!

Hi, Jess! Oh man, this is funny. The tagline of the first edition of Ariel's book was, Offbeat Bride: Taffeta-Free Alternatives for Independent Brides. It was changed in the second book since times changed pretty quickly. I think a decade ago (like from 2007 — bygone eras!), taffeta was just so popular and traditional that it actually did feel pretty offbeat to stray from fabrics like that. The really popular ones. Now with the breadth of fabrics available, most of us probably couldn't even find taffeta in a lineup if we had to. It's like dupioni silk, chiffon, charmeuse, and satin. All just fabrics that are associated with tradition and now just look pretty.

Ultimately, we've progressed into a time in alternative weddings where we're WAY less about rejecting traditions and more picking and choosing what resonates with us. And taffeta absolutely can. Offbeat weddings have come a long way since the rebel days and I love this relic from the past.

Taffeta was a bad word once upon a time (as most of those fabrics above were, too). But now? Who cares! Get the dress in the fabric that, as Marie Kondo would say, sparks JOY. I was so excited to start online shopping when I read your email, and here were the results.

Thanks for reaching out, Jess… enjoy your potentially-taffeta dress and share it with us when you get it!

taffeta wedding dress
MALIDA / taffeta wedding dress from VICTORIA SPIRINA
taffeta dress
Taffeta Black Wedding Dress from Wedding Dress Fantasy
taffeta wedding dress
Ivory 1950's “Annette” Polka Dot Wedding Dress from Pixie Pocket
alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
RUSA / Taffeta wedding dress from VICTORIA SPIRINA
taffeta wedding gown
EKDERA / wedding dress with long sleeves from VICTORIA SPIRINA
taffeta dress
Blue Taffeta Wedding Dress from Wedding Dress Fantasy
taffeta wedding gown
Historical with taffeta! Victorian ball gown in blue taffeta with lace from Secret Times
taffeta wedding gown
Evening dress made of silk taffeta from Crista Petre
taffeta dress
Taffeta Dress from FloAtelier
taffeta wedding gown
FILINA / taffeta wedding dress from VICTORIA SPIRINA
taffeta dress
Custom Aziza Corset with a multi-layered
Ballgown Skirt in silk taffeta and bobinette
from Dark Garden Corsetry
taffeta dress
Emerald Taffeta Party Dress from digforvictory
taffeta dress
Steampunk taffeta dress by KMKDesigns
taffeta wedding gown
Silk Taffeta Skirt from Ava Madison Couture
taffeta dress
LUMELA / taffeta wedding dress from VICTORIA SPIRINA

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Comments on Reclaiming traditions: you CAN love a taffeta wedding dress

  1. Gorgeous selection of dresses! I love it when brides and couples in general dare to wear exactly what they fancy!

  2. I once read an article that the headline was “friends don’t let friends wear taffeta” OMG! Yet now you see all these all these pictures of Grace Kelly’s wedding gown and I’ll bet that was silk taffeta under that lace. At one time I couldn’t stand chiffon.

    As someone that has a bit a a fabric fetish and a mature middle-aged (that’s generous BTW) bride to be I’m freaking out over buying a dress for next year. All fabric has different properties, if you want structured skirt and bodice that almost makes music when you walk, taffeta is the way to go. If you think you may spill a drop of wine don’t get silk satin; long and flowing or soft chiffon can be lovely. I saw a crepe dress that was gorgeous but if not a heavy crepe it tends to show lumps and bumps you may not care to show. It’s only when I stopped to think and took a great big breath that I realized that the best thing for me to do is pick the fabric to match what I’d like and go from there. Taffeta is awesome and so is chiffon. It’s all good.

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