Carly Bish sent over Chaitra and Ryan's stunning, sun-soaked picnic wedding and we totally want to go back in time and crash this event. It's one of those weddings where you can totally get lost imagining yourself lounging on the picnic blankets, nibbling their delish-looking goodies, getting down with some bocce ball, and planning how to steal one of the handmade fascinators from the bride and bridesmaids! Grab a ribbon wand and get ready for a virtual vacation in the form of this wedding.































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photography: Carly Bish Photography

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Comments on A sunny picnic wedding with lawn games and love

  1. Love love love love love this.

    When I first started planning my wedding I’d get a little sad when I’d see other weddings like this that seemed similar to my special snowflake vision. But now, I just get excited! Its like a preview!!

    If mine turns out anywhere as beautiful and heartfelt and fun as this seems to have been, I will be a happy girl indeed. =)

    • I LOVE THIS: “When I first started planning my wedding I’d get a little sad when I’d see other weddings like this that seemed similar to my special snowflake vision. But now, I just get excited! Its like a preview!!”

      • Agreed! Definitely a great comment!! I feel like so many advice posts on here boil down to exactly this. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. It was definitely the wedding of my dream!. I know what you mean about seeing other weddings like the one you want for yourself, but when it comes down to it we each have a unique twist, and a special touch, that makes our wedding so personal that it couldn’t be anyone else’s. Good luck!

  2. My gosh this is a very sweet and lovely wedding. Congratulations!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is exactly what I want! It’s like you guys went into my brain!! haha, it looks great, and it makes me very excited for my wedding! 😀

  4. This looks amazing! It’s like they could read my mind. I would absolutely love this type of celebration, complete with lawn games! Might need a few more chairs for the less able though… What does one do for a wet weather plan??

    • We had some tables and chairs, which are not in the shot. We knew how many people would not be able to picnic with us, and took that into account. Very important. There was also a large, beautifully finished barn where we had dessert and dancing, and my back up plan was to move the picnic items into the barn if it rained. Luckily the weather was perfect 🙂

  5. Wow the shots are so beautiful!! I wish I invested more in a better photographer 😀

  6. God, everything about this is warm-fuzzies and SO NICE.
    The photos make me want to be friends with every person at this wedding.

    • I feel the same way, except for when you say “friends,” I mean “sleep with.”

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your headpiece. It’s so beautiful! Did you make it yourself?

    • Thank you! It is a Vera Wang, and I found it in the special collection at David’s Bridal. Apparently they hadn’t had a customer buy that dress before. But when I saw it, I knew it was for me!

      • Do you have a style name or number for the dress? Trying to find something similar online and not having much luck. Thanks in advance!

  8. We are dress twins! You absolutely rock it and look stunning! I get to wear mine in 5 short weeks. I love seeing other brides wear this dress, it makes me melt! It helps me decide how I want to tie that long beautiful sash. I would love to see more pics as you get them. Congratulations on your wedding, it looked like such an amazing day. I love how the photographer captured the pure happiness on everyone’s faces.

  9. I want this cake! How can I contact the maker of the cake for a recipe/instructions? It looks simple-ish (but gorgeous) but I very much lack confidence in my tiered-cake-making abilities.

  10. Wow, beautiful!!! The photo of the mutual eye wipe got me. Gorgeous people/gorgeous photos!

  11. I have some logistics questions for you– what did you do with all your dishes, since you didn’t (i dont think) have the wedding formally catered? Did someone clean them up for you? Where did people put them when they were finished? And what was the bathroom situation like at this wedding? Everything about this wedding looks like my dream reception, but I’m not totally sure how people pull this off without the conveniences of an indoor venue. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Blankets!!! I never thought of blankets. Cool idea. Was considering a outdooor wedding but then keep thinking of the traditional indoor wedding. Not sure what to pick. I have never had a wedding or bern to any i didnt plan, so im not sure what kind of bride i am. So many ideas so little time. 🙁

  13. This is my inspiration wedding. I have had a lot of people poo-poo the idea of a picnic wedding because apparently people do not want to sit on the floor or that weddings should be at night but this just proves them wrong and washes all my worries away!
    Also, these photos are just amazing!!

  14. This is absolutely what I’m hoping for. Where was this? What did you search for to find this venue? I’m at a bit of a loss of what to put to describe so he type of venue when searching.

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