To make memories count on your wedding day, Ariel knows that taking time for a snack and getting away from it all with your partner are excellent ways to recharge and focus on the awesomeness around you. Joanna and Julian combined both ideas by sneaking off for a treat at a nearby Dairy Queen. Here is what Joanna said:

We snuck out to go across the street and visit Dairy Queen later in the evening. It was surreal to take a moment to ourselves as husband and wife, and remember that we were the same people we'd been before the ceremony… fun-loving geeks!

So find your moment and sneak away for some canoodling, some laughing, or an ice cream treat.

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Comments on Sneak out and goof off during your reception

  1. I think sneaking out of our own reception was the best part of the day, for so many reasons. The ceremony and reception were loads of fun too, of course, but:

    Neither of us are really center of attention types.
    The crowds and the speeches and the well-wishes were almost as draining as they were lovely.
    Our parents and photographers unexpectedly crashed the paper signing, which was going to be our designated alone time. While that actually ended up being fun, it wasn’t what we’d planned.

    So, we didn’t even actually leave the site. We just sneaked downstairs to the dressing rooms when no one was looking, and curled up on a couch to talk. For all we’d been together that day, we hadn’t had any time alone. The chance to connect privately and talk about our favorite things that had happened and realize we’re seriously married now and all these people are here for us – that made the whole day amazing. I think that without that time out, the wedding might have just felt like a thing we did: amazing and beautiful, but not personal. The break made it real.

    • I’m going to have to find a way to do this! I just know I’m going to get totally overwhelmed, and will need to schedule a break to get away from it all.

      • Enlist the help of a day-of coordinator, or trusted friend/relative. Someone (WHO IS NOT YOU) with a good grasp of the schedule can help usher you away to a quiet area or offsite to enforce a scheduled break, or can help find holes in the schedule that don’t require you to be there and sneak you out.

        It’s important to have backup on this. There’s a good chance that you’ll have lost track of the schedule you lovingly and carefully built before you’re even in the ceremony. That’s ok. Good, in fact! But, that’s also why someone else really should have that covered.

  2. I have CFS/ME and both me and my partner get overwhelmed easily, so we have planned scheduled naps into the day! Plus our dog will be in the hotel room the whole time, so I’m actually looking forward to nap time as much as anything else! <3

    • This sparked a great idea. Our dog will be hanging out in our cabin “unattended,” sneaking away to let him out/walk him will be a great excuse!

  3. We did this at our wedding. It was just a short walk alond the lake at our reception.I needed it after spending so much time alone prior to the wedding and being more of a wallflower it was overwelming having 60+ people to talk to often at the same time.

  4. Oh what a wonderful idea, i think we’ll sneak off for a nap, considering we’ve got a weekend full of festivities planned

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