Ted and BethIf you're a fellow fan of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (it's an underground perfumery in LA), you'll be as excited as I was to see photos from the founder's recent pirate-themed wedding in Vegas. Hopefully I can track down more, but for now these will have to do. Click the pix to see 'em big! (Thanks for the tip, Laurel — and for the permission to post the shots, Beth!) 🙂

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Comments on Pirate wedding

  1. Rachael, a friend once described “O” to me as smelling like “black cherry pussy.” HA! It didn’t smell especially vaginal to me, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if Beth had been able to work that magic!

  2. Uh…did you get permission from them to distribute their wedding photos as part of your book promotion (since this blog is, effectively, a promotional vehicle)?

  3. Thanks for your comment, M. My logic was that that since the photos have been posted publicly online via the bpal boards, that they were safe to share in a congratulatory post, especially with the inclusion of a link to Beth’s business.

    I don’t feel that this post in any way suggests “Buy Offbeat Bride because it’s the official Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs wedding book omg!!!1!!” This is my congratulatory post that includes photos that have been released publicly — a way of saying, Offbeat Bride salutes this awesome wedding! Be inspired!

    I’ve certainly never claimed that the photos linked on featured on OffbeatBride.com are my property or that the people pictured support my book in any way. I source my photos via links in the posts, and in my seven years as a blogger, I’ve seen that as pretty much fair practice.

    Do you feel that this oversteps a boundary? I’m always curious to hear about concerns like this and as a writer, of course intellectual property issues are important to me.

  4. Except they aren’t shared publicly exactly since you can’t see them without being a member. And while it’s great that you wish them both well, their wedding was a private affair that the chose to share on a forum with those of us who know them. If you don’t have their permission or heck, even the permission of the photographer of those pictures well, that just kind of feels wrong.

    • omg it's not your photos so why do you care!? it's none of your business or anyone else's besides the people involved

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