Offbeat Bride on Labels of Love

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Carrie Jenkins and Ariel Meadow Stallings

Philosopher Carrie Jenkins recently interviewed me for her podcast, Labels of Love. In the six-minute segment, I talk about people's concerns over both halves of the Offbeat Bride name (there are problems with OFFBEAT and problems with BRIDE!), as well as why folks prioritize wedding photography so much. The piece finishes a discussion of my second book, and why I hope no one ever needs to read it.

Listen here!

If you want more than six minutes of Carrie's and my thoughts on marriage, polyamory, narratives of love stories, and more, you can watch an event we hosted together in Seattle this summer.

Offbeat Bride & Carrie Jenkins discuss “What Love Is”

Ariel Meadow Stallings, publisher of, hosts a discussion with philosopher Carrie Jenkins, author of “What Love Is: And What It Could Be.”

Topics include the why we're so afraid to actually THINK about love, philosophical water weenies, #polyamory vs amatonormativity, and how weddings in the 21st century are totally different (and yet exactly the same).

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