New York’s elopement photographer Amber Marlow is now shooting large weddings… on a global scale

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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Our sponsor Amber Marlow has traditionally been an elopement and intimate wedding photographer in New York City.

Well, guess what, New York (and the world): now Amber is taking her extra-unobtrusive photography skills and applying them to larger affairs, and on a global scale too!

Not only is she now shooting large events, but she's also offering an enticing destination wedding deal.

But first, let's talk a bit about Amber, because y'all are gonna love her…

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Amber Marlow lives in Park Slope with her partner and two dogs named (get this) Leeloo after The Fifth Element, and Mattingly named after the greatest first base player of all time. Sports and nerd references + dogs = offbeat mashup heaven. Doesn't that sound like the kind of gal you'd want to hang around with for, oh let's say… almost the entire day of your wedding? (And wouldn't you want this great smile floating through the crowd on your wedding day?)

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Okay, the adorableness of Amber aside, now lets talk about her biz… Amber takes a natural approach to her photography — photographing things as they really happen, telling the story of your actual day without manipulating your moments into her “perfect photograph.” Though she lives and mostly works in New York City, Amber does shoot weddings all over the world. Which brings me to her travel special…


TRAVEL DISCOUNT: If you book your wedding with Amber Marlow in 2014 (even if the wedding is next year in 2015) she will drop all travel fees. So no matter where in the world your wedding is, Amber will be there for no more than it would take to hire her in New York! See her website for more travel details.

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From small ceremonies to big shebangs, Amber Marlow will be there — seriously ANYWHERE — without breaking your budget. Get in contact with the adorable Amber Marlow and get her gorgeous natural images of your awesome wedding day.

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  1. I just want to flag something for any special needs parents here on Offbeat Bride. A while ago I was Googling photographers who have experience working with children who are Autistic or have Sensory Processing Disorder. These kids have special needs and photographing them takes a very special touch. Amber advertises on her website that she has experience working with autistic children. Which is awesome! If I lived closer to NYC I’d be all over Amber and her amazing photography skills.

    • Anytime you’re in town send me a note and we’ll do a shoot! I accidentally found out that I liked working with kids on the spectrum during a photo shoot with one. Turns out soft words, lots of patience, and some good old love-n-kindness are the key for me. It’s been a fantastic few years since, with families reaching out to me to take their photos. What a gift to find out I’m good at this.

  2. Amber photographed our wedding, and we couldn’t have been happier with her working style, personality, or the pictures! She’s da bomb, and husband and I would recommend her to anyone!

  3. These photos are so sweet, wonderful moments. Hope you two are happy forever. The wedding dress is very charming, nice look.

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