Delinquent Debutantes’ “bawdy positive” movement for all shapes, sizes, and abilities at your Nashville bachelorette party

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Burlesque bachelorette parties in Nashville from @offbeatbride

I am officially jealous of anyone living near Nashville because you have access to one of the most amazing “bawdy positive” movement and dance classes known to offbeat-kind.

Delinquent Debutantes is Nashville’s premier burlesque and circus dance studio providing classes in body positive movement for all shapes, sizes, and abilities. We're talking a totally safe space for anyone wanting to explore their sensual side, get an awesome workout, and of course… host the most bad-ass and body-positive Nashville bachelorette party ever at the studio or anywhere the party is being hosted.

Burlesque bachelorette parties in Nashville from @offbeatbride

Delinquent Debutantes' instructors are professional burlesque performers who work with you to craft a party that’s sexy, loving to your body, and definitely sparkly. The best part is that it's totally not intimidating for anyone you want to bring along. Seriously, anyone will enjoy it no matter their skill level, ability, age, or any perceived reasons that might hold you back.

Here's their take on this amazing concept:

We believe that everyone can dance, sexy doesn’t have to be serious, and if it jiggles, you’re doing it right. Our bachelorette parties are a great way to start your wild weekend, or the perfect finishing touch for an unforgettable bonding experience.

Burlesque bachelorette parties in Nashville from @offbeatbride

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Their classic package includes a gift bag for the guest of honor with a feather boa, rhinestone tiara, and a pair of handmade pasties. You'll get two hours of studio rental with an amazing burlesque instructor who will teach your party the bump, grind, shimmy, and showgirl strut, seductive glove peels, and feather boa choreography (that almost anyone can do or at least watch if they're shy!). Boas and gloves will be provided for everyone, and you can bring all the food and drink you like. See more of what they offer on their Parties page.

Burlesque bachelorette parties in Nashville from @offbeatbride

Here are a couple of reviews that may just tip you over the edge in wanting to get your glove peels going:

“The private party is very reasonably priced (to my surprise and delight!) and includes LOTS of fun stuff. A lesson from the headmistress, Freya West, boas for the students, a ‘bachelorette kit’ for the bride-to-be including adorable boy-short undies and a few other goodies. The class is a good two hours, so bring a bottle of bubbly and get ready to have some fun. Bonus: you actually burn some calories! The girls and I were breaking a sweat by the time we were done!” – Nikki Burdine

“Delinquent Debutantes is a sanctuary. A place for every woman to come and feel loved, supported, and safe while she explores her sexiness. It's a place where a person can get fit and strong without already having to be fit and strong to walk in the door. It's a sisterhood of fabulous. More personally, Delinquent Debutantes changed my life. I am my more authentic self because I came to a reindeer stripper class. It's so crazy sounding and so completely true.” – Ammie Kenney

Burlesque bachelorette parties in Nashville from @offbeatbride

Are you within traveling distance of Nashville? Ready to grab your crew and get your tush shakin' on in a super-safe and body-positive environment? If you do, you HAVE to give us a peek because the envy on this side of the table is palpable. Go book your party date with Delinquent Debutantes' today.

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  1. This is so cool!!!! If I lived closer I would do this in a heartbeat! They need to have something like this in Jacksonville!

  2. This is sooooo cool! Gave me a great idea! We’re doing a Bachelorette-Sweat in Nashville the week of June 18th and most of that week the girls (my bridesmaids) and I will be grunting off some wedding weight outside town about 20 minutes at a place called Fit Farm (heard of it? thoughts? feedback? is it any good?) – anyways, we’re doing this that week –> … because (being the offbeat type of bride that I am! LOL), I wanted to do something unusual with a twist… but I digress,… here’s the thing, we only get one day off during the week to come into town on Wednesday, andsicne I only have the one day, I think I will do THIS! It’s perfect! I’m so excited! Never been to Nashville before! 😉

    • I had a very similar experience at Weight Crafters. They didn’t offer a specifically-bride-oriented program, but they did take the 6 of us and provide customized activities and really cater to the things we wanted to do. We used their group special. You can learn more about that here: It was a fantastic experience – but I had to have my wedding dress adjusted because it was way too loose when we got back!

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