Siren’s song: 10 mermaid wedding accessories

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Crown by Etsy seller Westerwisp
Crown by Etsy seller Westerwisp

Victoria's Secret can keep their angels, because this post is for the folks who have their eye on a different kind of fantastical creature. We're all familiar with Disney's The Little Mermaid, yet not every bride wants to be like Ariel (unless you mean our publisher, in which case everyone wants to be like Ariel).

For the brides and grooms on a mission to add a hint of mermaid wedding sophistication to their wedding without drowning in clichés, here are six aquatic accessories that don't scream Disney.

The Rockabilly and Mermaid heels
The Rockabilly and Mermaid heels
Mermaid wedding fashion
The Mermaid Flats

If you're in the mood for some sparkly as hell shoes, with a nod to tattoo culture, then these Rockabilly-esque Mermaid heels by Wicked Addition may be the perfect way to spotlight your inner mermaid. And let's not pass up the chance to drool over these glitter ombré flats, which are perfect for the dreaded “heels sinking into grass” fiasco or for anyone who just wants something a little bit more comfortable to walk down the aisle in without losing any sparkle.

Mermaid wedding accessories
Blush Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress from LoveTheBride
Mermaid wedding accessories
Seashell Mermaid Wedding Crown from AtelierEight
Mermaid wedding accessories
Lace Agate Plugs

Finding pretty plugs to fit stretched ears can be a real struggle as they're harder to come by than regular earrings. Yet these plugs are amazing.

The  Mermaid Bridal Crown
The Mermaid Bridal Crown

A veil isn't for everyone, and this Bohemian bridal crown is a match for a mermaid gone Woodstock. Made of dried lavender and sea holly thistle, this flower crown by Westerwisp is ideal for the manic mermaid dream bride.

The Mermaid Cufflinks
The Mermaid Cufflinks

These cuff links from Mania Design give an antique touch with sterling silver plating that are sure to liven up a tux with an ode to sensual sea goddesses.

The  Turquoise Garter
The Turquoise Garter

While a mermaid may not have legs, we mere mortals certainly do. So throw on a delicate lace garter with a rhinestone/pearl detail to put an aquatic spin on an old bridal tradition. This lace garter with turquoise chiffon flowers by The Pink Bunny Weddings is a classic and sweet wedding accessory for a sly mermaid surprise.

The  Moana Boutonniere
The Moana Boutonniere

accessories: Wicked Addiction
jewelry: Someday Soon Jewelry

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