It should be obvious why I love these custom-painted Little Mermaid shoes

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litte mermaid wedding shoes

FINE YES, my name is Ariel and when The Little Mermaid came out, I was at the height of my high school musical theater career, and could not have been more pleased. To this day, “Part of Your World” is one of my top five karaoke jams. With this in mind, it is of course no surprise that I got a special feeling in my imaginary mermaid gills when I spotted the custom-painted Vans that Shondypie wore at her aquarium wedding. These were crafted by Etsy seller SomethingFromTheSun.



Y'all are going to love this wedding (preview of tags the bride applied: Purple, Aquarium, Octopus, Shark Tank, Philadelphia, Plus size), but for now I leave you with one last shot of the shoes:


photography: Allebach Photography

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Comments on It should be obvious why I love these custom-painted Little Mermaid shoes

  1. LOVE IT! Granted my ex by the same name ruined even the remotest fondness I could have for Prince Eric (I tend to go for blondes anyway), but I still loves me anything Little Mermaid. <3

  2. I’m huge Little Mermaid fan. Anything Little Mermaid-related and big enough for adults to use makes me squee 🙂 I love these!

  3. I was browsing through the Flickr pool yesterday to make myself feel better and I saw a bunch of photos from their wedding! I loved everything I saw, especially the dress — which I’m guessing was Ursula-inspired, and soooo well done. Ursula = my spirit guide. *listens to Poor Unfortunate Souls again*

    And those shoes are amazing. 😀

  4. The best response this got on my FB was, “Shouldn’t “Little Mermaid Shoes” contain tacks in the insoles, so that every step is like walking on knives?”

    YES. Yes, they should.

  5. I was in Preschool when the movie came out, and my mom’s name is Ursula. My classmates became terrified of her.

  6. I realized that I was getting older when I was watching “The Little Mermaid” last week and found myself agreeing with King Triton regarding Ariel’s professions of love *sigh*

    Eh I still love the movie – it has my girl Ursula in it. Another thing about getting older – more appreciation for the awesomeness of the Disney villains.

  7. ADORE these!!! I’d love to share them on my blog… where of course anything Ariel must be shared. I’m pumped to see it in theaters this weekend 🙂

  8. TLM is my favorite movie of all time (second place is Star Wars, natch) and I love everything Ariel/Eric, haha. We had “Kiss the Girl” as our first dance at our wedding and Husband and I are going as Ariel and Eric this year for Halloween.

  9. I love The Little Mermaid but I was totally more of a Beauty and the Beast girl so I’m hoping to wear shoes featuring the ballroom scene (which will so go with my yellow dress!)

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