State wooden puzzle alternative wedding guestbook

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State wooden puzzle alternative wedding guestbook

These state shaped puzzle guest books are a beautiful addition to any event. Great for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, family reunions, baby showers and other events to commemorate a special day in style. The attendees enjoy signing the wooden puzzle pieces and you can challenge yourself by putting the puzzle back together time and time again… or you can hang it on the wall to cherish years down the road. 🙂

These State Puzzles are all completely custom designed and made to order based on the number of pieces you prefer, and where you'd like the personalized heart located.

We always make the puzzles with large pieces and the overall sizes of the puzzles grow as more pieces are added.

You can choose to get your puzzle with or without a border.

The bordered version holds all the pieces in place and allows the wooden puzzle to easily be hung on the wall – There is a metal hanging wire attached to the back. First you'll need to secure the puzzle pieces within the border so they don't fall out once mounted on the wall. For a non-permanent bond, use glue dots or tacky putty. For a permanent bond, use wood glue.

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