Blooming Dogwood Engagement Ring

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Blooming Dogwood Engagement Ring

Sterling silver, blackened silver
14k Green gold
0.17ct Apple Green Diamonds
Sizes available: 6.5-11

Silver, Green Gold, Green Diamond Ring, Dogwood in Bloom – Spring comes with a profusion of blooms, and dogwood is a classic celebration of new life. We created this ring while dreaming of spring, with each petal lovingly hand sculpted in sterling silver. The white silver blossoms stand up and off the branches, reaching for the sun. Branches and tree trunk are blackened silver, hand formed with texture and knots and bark detail. The branches are studded with petite apple green diamonds, tucked into the metal and just catching the light as your finger moves.

Blossom centers are solid 14k green gold, a tone of gold that is a little bit rare in our jewelry collections. These pieces were cast separately and welded in, then set with apple green diamonds. The ring measures just under two inches, and stands up off the finger by about 3/8 of an inch. It is a statement piece, running knuckle to knuckle.

Adjustable fit, with a base size of 8, it can be sized down as small as 6.5 or up as high as 11. Completely one of a kind, this piece took nearly two weeks of focused expertise researching, sculpting, casting and stone setting. Sarah J Christenson, our lead designer, became just a bit obsessed with the numerous dogwood varieties, growth patterns, and petal shapes to obtain the perfect representation.

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