Handmade collar with feathers made of recycled inner tube

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Handmade collar with feathers made of recycled inner tube

The collar is handmade with long or short recycled inner tube feathers and features a corset closure, to be worn on the right or left shoulder, just indicate your preference. it is the most popular product because it is very versatile and is perfect for different styles.

Stand out from the crowd with this collar, designed to keep eyes on you!
Each feather is hand cut with lots of love and patience 🙂 This trendy collar/ necklace adds interest to your outfit!

Whether your style is gothic, avant garde, rock, punk, vintage, bondage lover, that's fine. It all depends on how you match it. Many use it as a scarf, even over a jacket, or as a stylish accessory over a short, long or little black dress. Also perfect with a t-shirt, t-shirt or top as in the photos.

The collar has a lace up closure on the back, with a black satin ribbon (it's included) but you can use other colors to add a touch of humor. This collar is completely home made by me. I wanted to differentiate this black one-shoulder bag from the classic one by decorating it with studs on the neck edge in order to give it a little more grit and shine. You can decide to choose between old gold or silver colored studs, depending on your personal taste.

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