Wedding tuxedos custom cut for women / AFAB folks

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Wedding tuxedos custom cut for women / AFAB folks

Women / AFABs love tuxedos too! (AFAB stands for “Assigned Female At Birth.”)

We specialize in making amazing tuxedos for weddings and this is our most flattering look ever. The “tailcoat” style fronts emphasize the slimmest part of the natural waist, while the cropped back fits just like a formal bolero.

The cummerbunds are finished with corset boning, which means that they help shape the belly and side hip like a corset, making for the perfect silhouette.

The pants pictured are ultra slim fit, but high-waisted, tapered and cropped. A look like this lengthens the legs and shortens the upper torso. But we can really make the pants in any shape you might like.

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