How to make photobooth save the date cards

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Since the photobooth “save the date” cards I featured a while back were so popular, I figured it was worth sharing this video showing you how to make your own.

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  1. It doesn’t even have to be as complicated as that! My fiance and I did this by just printing out on plain white paper in a readable font on two sheets “Save the Date” and “10-10-08” and held them both up in all four pictures making different faces. We just went to the local movie theatre (where there was a photobooth) paid maybe $3 and had our picture. We scanned it, then uploaded it to and had little cards made — it was $60 and some change for 100 cards and envelopes. And voila, done! Everyone loved them, and it was a great way to capture our personalities at that moment while conveying a message.
    BTW, I love this blog — it’s given me hope that a sloppy emo punk like me can still have a fabulous wedding.

  2. All I got to say is POWERPOINT! I love it,I am using it. yoou can do so much on it that it is crazy! My fiance and I have decided to send powerpoint wedding invites complete with mini soundtrack. and to those who don’t have computers or internet. (yes they Exist) we are making a scaled down version of the P.P.S on word, printing it on card stock and sending it by snailmail.

  3. Ok I LOVE this idea! And for those of us who are not as crafty, the video was a huge help 🙂 Now I just need to convince my BF (yeah, no ring yet – but the location and caterer are booked!) to do this. He is a bit camera-shy. I love this because you can send these via snailmail (GREAT idea to use Kodak, Tabs!) or just scan the photos and send via email, which I think we’ll do to save a little cash. Yay!

  4. Macs come with with an application loaded on them called Photo Booth that lets you take still pictures through your webcam with various effects.

  5. Looks great and personal. I hate that we don’t have those photobooth’s in the UK :(, ours only print 4 copies of the same shot, and not even in a strip! *sigh*. Awesome for those who can do it though.

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