Groom’s tunes: dudes need killer ceremony entrance music, too!

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 | Photography by Jessica Schilling Photography
Groom's Legend of Zelda ceremony entrance music rocks -- as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #zelda
Bill and Jenn's awesome cake topper. Photo by Jessica Schilling Photography

Dejah and Ronald's ceremony was video game music-themed so you can only imagine how geektasticly delicious their entrances were. The only catch was the flack they'd get whenever they'd mention the groom's entrance music. Groom's can have customized entrance music, too, ya'll!

Let's see what Dejah had to say about Ronald's instrumental Legend of Zelda entrance. It's dangerous to go alone. Take this:

What makes me shake my head is when people look confused when you mention the groom's ceremony entrance theme. Why am I the only one allowed to come out to some sweet tunes? My husband, Ronald, had an epic entrance to an orchestrated version of the main theme from Legend of Zelda and it was awesome.

We agreed that we should both have an entrance because, heck yeah, we're both getting married. Our ceremony entrance theme was classic video game scores, so he picked the main theme from Legend of Zelda as played by the London Philharmonic.

Our wedding was at an Elks Lodge, and it had some curtains on the doors leading outside. We thought it would be fun to come from the curtains. So the music built for about eight seconds before he burst through the curtains and placed his hands on his hips with his head held high, like he was proudly scanning Hyrule Field. Our guests loved it, he loved it, and it just gave me yet another reminder of why I was marrying him that day.

For reference, he emerged at 27 seconds:

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Comments on Groom’s tunes: dudes need killer ceremony entrance music, too!

  1. My husband’s ceremony entrance was way more epic than mine! He dressed as Freddy Krueger and entered to the “Freddy Nursery Rhyme.” We timed it so that “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you …” played and then he threw the door to the sanctuary open with a crash then looked menacingly around clicking his finger knives before strutting down the aisle. Since I was in the back of the processional I did not get to see this until we got our video and it’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the whole ceremony! Groom’s definitely deserve a kick ass entrance just as much as the bride!

  2. *imagines this* wow I LOVE this. Sadly I’m marrying an introvert. The closest I’m getting is the Indiana Jones outro. But I super love this idea and Zelda is a great one to use!

  3. I am so looking for music for my fiance to walk in to! He hasn’t been able to decide yet, but wants something epic.

  4. I’m a wedding musician along with my fiance, and we recently did a groom’s entrance to the Pokemon battle theme. It was definitely one of the most fun experiences I’ve had playing weddings.

  5. I know a couple of guys who’ve done entry music- a friend of mine and her now-husband are both hugely into music, so they had lots of different tunes for their ceremony- the groomsmen came in to a jazz piece, and then the groom came in to ‘Listen’ by The Clash.

    And when another couple I know got married a couple of years ago, the groom and groomsmen came in to the Indiana Jones theme (the bride entered to the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean).

    I don’t know whether my fiance is up for making an entrance like that, but I’ll definitely encourage it if he is. Because it’s his day too, so why shouldn’t he get to be played in to the ceremony?

  6. My (now) husband and all his groomsmen walked down the aisle to the theme from Pacific Rim!! It took our guests by surprise – they all started cheering and clapping as the guys made it down the aisle (they were so loud, I heard it up in my bridal suite). The guys loved the attention; it made them feel important.

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