We love this Cinderella-esque, grey wedding dress inspo

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Photo by Austin Bauman, courtesy of Tova Marc.
Photo by Austin Bauman, courtesy of Tova Marc.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate this amazing wedding dress porn? Yet another creation from Tova at Wedding Dress Fantasy. I'm just in awe of the amazing layers and the gray, white, and black color scheme. The only way this photo could be better is if she were being dressed by woodland creatures instead of bridesmaids.

We're going to be gawking more of Tova's stuff in coming weeks — just wait til you see the purple and black dress with the amazing train and the pink and white fluttery beauty that looks like it's made of angel wings.

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  1. I went to high school with the bride in that photo! That whole wedding was amazing — you should try to get in touch to feature it here!

  2. I saw this dress on the WeddingDressFantasy Facebook page and fell in love with it. I almost bought it in pink and white. It’s so gorgeous.

  3. I’m not normally into big flowy dresses but this dress is AMAZING!!! Will keep that vendor in mind when it’s my turn lol

  4. Oh Jesus, looking at their infinite options and trying not to drool on my keyboard.

  5. i love this dress. i wanted it so bad, but couldnt convince my aunt (who was buying my dress) to think inside the color wheel and out side the white box. o well.

  6. Ohmahgawd, I am in luuuuv with Tova Marc’s dresses. The pink ones are the prettiest in my opinion. (Hey, it’s my favorite color! 🙂 )

    Just so you know, Wedding Dress Fantasy has a sister site called custommadegown.com, and you can also customize the dresses on that website any way you want. Tova makes these dresses too.

    Here’s one of my favorite designs from the sister site:


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