Goth bride rocking a purple dress

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Thanks to Porceline in the OBT for bringing this amazing purple-dressed bride to my attention:
One more photo and a link to the bride's myspace below…

More photos on the bride's myspace page.

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  1. everything is fabulous! loving the dress, the cake, the topper, & the grooms tie!

  2. The dress is so great. I emailed the bride to see where she found such a beautiful dress.
    She said she designed it then had it made. Same with the vial and hat.
    She is sweet and offbeat.

  3. I looked at the brides myspace page and it seems this was a masked ball on October 30! Now thats a great great planning!

  4. Lmao great dress an all,
    In the first pic the bride is looking at some one with such distaine lol

  5. This looks like it was an amazing wedding.
    I enjoyed looking at all the photos.
    Almost makes you feel like you were there.

  6. I love the purple and black dress.
    Offset buy the red flowers. The groom looks smashing. Great job. I wonder where they had such a offbeat wedding.

  7. I like the brides tattoos with the dress, with that beautiful hat. Let me not forget the PURPLE vial!

  8. Wow!!!
    I have never seen anything like this before.
    Good for them for doing it their way.
    They rock!

  9. This looks like it was a great wedding.
    I like the way everything was dark. You can see their love for each other.
    Thats the only bright thing in the whole wedding.
    Very beautiful

  10. Amazing!!
    There are way better photos up on the brides myspace.
    This looks like it was a really fun wedding.

  11. You don’t know me but I was looking for gothic wedding dresses and found your pictures, everything looks very goth, I love it! And congratulations.

    Goth forever

  12. I’d KILL to shoot weddings like this, really awesome stuff. Not enough gothic brides down this way.

  13. Love the cake topper could you tell me where you got it need it for a wedding for Friday August 13, 2010.


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