How to have fun and easily DIY your free wedding video with WeddingMix

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Let's talk wedding video game plan

If you don't want to go the traditional videographer route, our longtime sponsor WeddingMix is a great option for you DIY types. WeddingMix is all about having your friends and family document the day, then hooking you up with an ultra-unique, affordable wedding video.

We've gushed about the awesome that is WeddingMix before, but now they're back with new special offers and exciting new extras…


First, here's how WeddingMix works:

  1. You and your loved ones download the WeddingMix app and start capturing priceless photos and video.
  2. Everyone can instantly use and upload to the app. So rehearsal dinner shenanigans AND honeymoon adventures can be included in your wedding highlight video.
  3. All footage uploaded through the app comes back to WeddingMix's professional editors, who then turn your favorite moments into a totally fun, FREE one-minute wedding highlight music video, like this one…

What the cool kids are saying about WeddingMix:

WeddingMix, an incredibly genius idea, allows all of your guests to upload any footage they capture from your wedding day to the WeddingMix app, and then uses it to create a custom video. A program that would allow our guests to take photos and videos of their favorite moments from our wedding day, collects all of them in one easy-to-use app, AND creates a video for us at a super-affordable cost? Count me in. -Blakeley


Special limited time offer:

WeddingMix just launched WeddingMix Lite, a free version of their wedding video app and editing service. Same unlimited guest photo and video. Same crowdsourced wedding video awesomeness. Only this time, it's all totally gratis. But it's only for a limited time! Couples getting married in August or September have an opportunity to get their FREE pro-edited wedding highlight video with WeddingMix Lite.


Not getting married in August or September? Want a longer wedding video? No worries, WeddingMix is still the most affordable way to get an amazing wedding video. Check out all the ways they can hook you up with the easiest, most affordable, most fun, wedding video EVAR. (Seriously, free wedding video FTW!)

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  1. This is ingenious and a great way to capture authentic moments from your guests’ perspective. I really love how the video is compiled, it seems so personal.

    However, (and I honestly don’t mean to be a downer) I do notice that there’s ongoing conversation on this site and others about guests using their phones too much at weddings. My only concern is that people will be encouraged to be even MORE glued to their phones than they already are… and how will those videos/photos look when everyone but the couple has a phone in front of their face?

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