The DIY photo backdrop when your venue doesn’t allow tape

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DIY Photo Backdrop

Offbeat Bride Tribe member 2dBride constructed this simple DIY photo backdrop for their wedding. It's the perfect way to set up a backdrop when your venue doesn't allow taping anything to the wall. Instructions for making it can be found at her entry on Project Wedding.

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Comments on The DIY photo backdrop when your venue doesn’t allow tape

    • Pardon me for saying the “W” word, but Walmart has VERY inexpensive, perfect greenscreen green fabric..really, google it!

  1. Not only its a great idea the cloth can be used again for something else ( after you wash it of course) like table cloth, curtains, wall decoration, etc.. And yes you can get fabrics from just about any store. But you are better off getting bed flat sheet than yardage of fabrics. I plan on useing a flat sheet for my renewal coming up in october but its for my daughters friends they plan on playing adult chess game which is a neat idea since we are at park.Of course it will be blocks of either black and red or black and white.( painted on) And best of all my daughter is plan on reusing the sheet again afterwards. And best of all the sheet can be any color you want and you can use it plain or paint a picture on it too.

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