Dip Oreos in colored white chocolate for an amazing display

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Photo via Kara's Party Ideas

Don't these look like expensive rainbow macarons? They're actually just adorable little Oreo cookies dipped in colored white chocolate! Most guests with a sweet tooth will like either, so you can save a little money and DIY these bad boys for a sweets table. Oh, and it's easy-peasy to match it to your colors, if you have them. Otherwise, I'm stumping for rainbow.

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Comments on Dip Oreos in colored white chocolate for an amazing display

  1. These are so cool! When I first saw the picture I thought they were Macarons. I will be finding an excuse to make these.

  2. This reminds me of the chocolate covered Joe Joes that Trader Joes used to have as a regular item and now has as a holiday item in December. I keep meaning to make my own chocolate dipped Joe Joes.

  3. I’m going to give away one of my family’s great secret recipes – do this, but with peanut butter ritz cracker sandwiches instead of oreos. Trust me.

  4. This is awesome. I made white chocolate covered oreos before for the last day at a summer job and everyone was super happy 🙂 With these bright colors – even better!!! Love it. Going to try this.

  5. so easy – so fun – so yummy!
    I did this with “oreos” from the dollar store and it still came out great.
    1 tip – chill your cookie sheets even before you set the dipped cookies on them.

  6. OK, I saw these and I HAD to replicate them at home, for fun.

    Here is what I learned:

    They will not look this pretty, especially on your first try. I ended up dipping just the top of the Oreo and they looked way better than covered.

    White chocolate is a jerk. If you get any amount of moisture in it, it will seize up, turning your creamy melty creation into a doughy ball of gross.

    Because of the moisture issue, liquid food coloring is a no-no. Use powdered food coloring to avoid the seizing.

    These are VERY sweet. I have a serious sweet tooth and could barely finish one. People will probably not eat as many as they would if they were just plain Oreos, so consider that.

  7. These would be fun for a bridal shower.
    I agree though, white chocolate is a hot mess. I deal with it or a chocolate fountain at almost every wedding I cater… Hot mess.
    I just made a macaron tower that consisted of about 15 hours labor to make almost 800 macarons.

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