Offbeat Christian wedding vows for a gothic winter wedding

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christine david southern gothic 54 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Have you seen Christine and David's gorgeous Southern Gothic wedding we featured last week? Today we present the eloquent, heartfelt vows they exchanged. We've featured so many non-religious wedding vows over the years, but today we want to share an example of Offbeat Christian vows. Regardless of your faith and beliefs, the love and care they declare for each other — the promises, the joys, the honesty – is universal. We hope it will inspire you and yours as you craft your own!


What a blessing it is to be standing across from you on this beautiful day. You are nothing short of a gift from Heaven and I am in awe of the reality of treasuring you for the rest of my days. Our paths crossed at a pivotal time, and I do not believe in coincidences. We were brought together by God for a purpose, and I watch that unfold every single day. You show me daily what true, healthy, and holy love looks like, and I could not ask for more than who you are.

Your thoughtful heart, generous soul, and endless patience for my bathroom humor is unmatched. You never cease to remind me of my place in your heart and your life. You continue to give me space to grow, share my story, be authentic, and feel all my emotions to their fullest. Becoming your wife is a joy but becoming one with you is really the honor.

As your wife, these are my vows to you…

I vow to choose you, every day, for all the rest of mine. I vow to treat you with respect and speak to you with kindness and love, no matter the day.

I vow to always be faithful, vulnerable, and honest with you. I vow to always encourage your never-ending pursuit of the Lord and to grow in faith alongside you.

I vow to always give my ear to listen and my hand to hold. I will forever support you, appreciate you, and love you.

Now onto the serious items. I vow to attempt to keep my eyes open during every movie and at least until 8:00pm (although never to exceed midnight unless pre-approved in advance).

I vow to try and make space for your decorating style (although antiques always beat modern) and to always love and take care of Chloe, even though she scares me.

Lastly, I vow to keep my baby blanket out of your face at all times (but if I’m asleep, it’s out of my control).

I think we are a pretty cool pair (I mean, hello, have ya’ll seen our tattoos?) and I know there is much joy ahead of us. With the ups, there will inevitably come the downs and in those moments, and all moments in between, know that I will be by your side.

We will take on this life together, as a team. Thank you for being David. Thank you for taking a chance on love and thank you for teaching me how to juggle.

Before God, before you, and before those gathered here today, I make these everlasting vows to you. I love you, David. Best wishes and warmest regards to days gone by. Adventure is out there!

christine david southern gothic 58 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)


I could never have imagined that the cute girl who worked across the hall would eventually be standing across from me today. To be honest, you’re the best bonus the company has ever given me because you didn’t disappear after the first week.

Every day spent with you has further solidified my desire to never spend a day without you. Knowing you is a blessing, loving you is a joy, and pursuing you is a privilege. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to get the better end of a deal… let me be the first one to tell you about it.

As your husband, I vow:

To play an active role in centering our union and lives around following Christ in all that we do.
To continuously cultivate a safe space for you to feel seen, respected, and understood.
To honor and support your family as they now become mine.

To practice emotional intentionality when we find ourselves navigating difficult and unforeseen circumstances together.

To be sympathetic and understanding, giving you the space you need to be you and to take naps at any given hour of the day. Those two go hand in hand.

To let gratitude and humility invade every aspect of our relationship as we “race to the back of the line” for one another.

To place my focus on being better, not being right, because I know accountability and self-awareness reflect true relational maturity.

To celebrate and encourage you – stepping back when it’s your moment to step up.

To be unconditionally invested with my time, energy, and finances in order to provide for our new family.

And finally, to never laugh at your choices… because I am one of them. You are my best friend and truly a gift from God. I love you more than I ever have and less than I ever will.

christine david southern gothic 57 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

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