Chocolate-fiends: This grasshopper julep could be your chocolate signature cocktail

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 | Photography by Bijoux & Bits
Chocolate signature cocktail as seen on @offbeatbride
Recipe and photos by Bijoux & Bits

Hey, chocolate lovers: are you in need of a really good chocolate signature cocktail, or even an idea for a unity cocktail? This grasshopper julep might be your new favorite drink. We just had the Kentucky Derby, so a good, stiff bourbon drink is just what the drink doctor ordered. Hell, maybe just save this recipe for a particularly long crafting night. I won't judge. I'm probably drinking one right now anyway. Let's see how to make this mint meets chocolate meets booze delicious monstrosity.

Recipe and photos by Bijoux & Bits

Chocolate signature cocktail — grasshopper mint julep

2 parts good Kentucky bourbon
2 parts half and half
1 part chocolate syrup flavoring (like Torani or DaVinci or similar)
1 bunch fresh mint
Optional: shaved chocolate for garnish

How to make it:
Infuse the bourbon by placing a handful of mint into the bourbon and steep overnight.
Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker full of ice and shake well.
Strain into a glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and some shaved chocolate. Enjoy cold!

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