Give your guests a budget-friendly favor with a geeky twist

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You may remember Andrea and Steve's Mario-themed wedding for geek-lovers everywhere. But did you also notice the totally appropriate mini cactus favors they had? Cacti are a match for Mario and frankly, LOTS of wedding themes (and non-themes)!

Andrea was super smart and grabbed them in bulk from Amazon. 36 assorted spiky cuties for only $40. Multitask them as decor, centerpieces, and easy-peasy items to take home if there are extras. Oh, and bonus: if you're more into succulents, those are available, too!

Adorn Photography

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  1. Thanks for the idea!! We already have some Mario/Zelda etc. touches done and had given up on favors because it’s really not in our budget but this actually might be a cheap enough idea (I’m thinking of doing little packets of seeds to plant instead of actual cacti, making it like… crazy cheap.) Also, today I learned we *do* actually have a Michigan native cactus (Prickly pear, or the OMG INCREDIBLE DEFLATING CACTUS), so BONUS. The more you know! ~*~*~**

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