Burlesque bachelorette party: boas, gloves, and good times

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Burlesque bachelorette party: boas, gloves, and good times

You guys, we're coming into bachelorette and hen party season, which means that we know some of you are like, “Wait, what are the options for NON-penis cake bachelorette parties? Are there bachelorette party games and activities that don't involve bars?” (No shame in penis cakes or bars, of course. I mean, I personally love a good penis cake. And a good bar.)

BUT! Seattle and Puget Sound area folks! You've got an amazing bachelorette party alternative — and it's one I even have very first-person experience with: The Academy of Burlesque.

Burlesque bachelorette party: boas, gloves, and good times

The Academy performed at the Lovesick Expo Seattle events a couple years in a row, and I loved them so much that I went in last year for some training of my own and… HOLY SHIT! Their little studio in Rainier Valley (it's kinda down by that Goodwill, off of Dearborn?) is the sweetest, safest sexy space.

The Academy's burlesque instructors are some of my favorite Seattle burlesque dancers (Inga! Ruby! Indigo! Waxy!), and the teaching style is super supportive and kind. I walked in feeling awkward and depressed, and walked out feeling like I could seduce the entire world.


Burlesque bachelorette party: boas, gloves, and good times

The Academy's bachorette parties are this same kind of super supportive, sexy fun, where you and your friends (of any gender, DUH) get to flounce your feather boas, seductively remove your satin gloves, bump and grind, and shimmy until your tassels twirl.

Burlesque bachelorette party: boas, gloves, and good times

Professional Burlesque performers share their “Exper-Tease” (HAR HAR GET IT?!) with you and your friends in an experience that's sexy and fun. The Guest of Honor can get spoiled with add-ons like boas to take home, twirling pasties, and/or bubbly beverages.

Their standard bachelorette party packages include Art of the Tease, Just STRIP, Tassel Twirling, and Deluxe Showgirl. Find all the details at academyofburlesque.com/parties.

Le Fine Print:
They'll celebrate your occasion with up to 12 of your crew at StudioBlue in Central Seattle. Oh but hey: for a modest travel fee, they'll come to you! Bring your whole group for $25/person over the initial 12. Hour-long festivities start at $350 with a non-refundable $250 deposit required to book.  They've also got 90-minute parties, too, plus the killer add-ons I've already mentioned like boas and bubbly.

Burlesque bachelorette party: boas, gloves, and good times

But if you're not in Seattle, you've got options too: 

New York: The New York School of Burlesque | Austin: The Austin Academy of Burlesque | Chicago: Studio L’Amour | Atlanta: Atlanta Burlesque School | San Francisco: Hot Pink Feathers |  Honolulu: Pretty Peacock Productions | Vancouver BC: Vancouver Burlesque Centre

Ready to get your empowering sexiness on with all of your friends? Here's where to go to book your party and get all the details. Or hit up 206-47-TWIRL or [email protected] if you need to get your dance on RIGHT MEOW!

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