Brooch bouquet perfection and so much more from Lionsgate Designs

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il fullxfull.158907758 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)For a while now we've had a collective boner for brooch bouquets, have we not? Some OBBs have endevored to make their own brooch bouquets. But what about when you don't have the time to DIY? Even crafty OBBs admit it's a time consuming process. Or what if you're like me and have NO crafting skills, but would still kill kittens for a bouquet like the one pictured above. Well, Colorado wedding venue Lionsgate Center has a nifty little secret side business — Lionsgate Designs creates unique wedding brooch bouquets for brides and their bridesmaids. And they're breathtaking…

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Each bouquet is made out of vintage, new and designer brooches and earrings. Seriously, where did they find so many amazing and funky types flowers for the one pictured above!? My mind is blown by this.

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)You can purchase from any of the bouquets that they have in stock or work with their designer to create a custom bouquet that fits your wedding style and budget. You can also incorporate your own family heirloom brooches!

il fullxfull.165402723 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Other than bouquets Lionsgate Designs can create amazing brooch cluster necklaces and rings for mothers and grandmothers — which is a pretty offbeat alternative to the customary corsage! They can even coordinate brooches for your cake and centerpieces.

pageimage 1229 101983 8 1 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)These are indeed on the pricey side with bouquets ranging from $350 to $600. But the thing about them is that you can, obviously, keep them forever — use them as decor for your home, a centerpiece for your dining room table, and pass them down through each generation of brides to come. The possibilities are endless and fabulous… you know you want one of your very own!

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  1. These are totally gorgeous… I think it’s great that people are starting to see bouquets as a *real* heirloom keepsake item to be passed down.

    It’s one of the few things that seems relatively easy to reuse (you don’t have to alter it, for instance!), which is awesome because how sustainable is that?! Whoohoo cradle-to-cradle possibilities.

  2. I’m a longtime OBB reader, and I almost peed myself when I saw the Lionsgate Center on the front page! I was just there a few weeks ago for my friend’s wedding. 🙂 I’ve seen some of these bouquets in person, and I can attest that they are just as gorgeous close up! And also, Denver brides – the venue is one of the most beautiful places in the city! The quirky details (like special hand-painted peacocks and art nouveau woodwork), gorgeous stained glass, copper-plated bar in the Gatehouse is just screaming for a steampunk wedding!

    • While Exquisite…they are extremely pricey compared to a traditional Bridal Bouquet..

  3. These are AMAZING. Unfortunately, out of my price range though if I were a Denver bride I could totally see myself finding ways to cut corners for this!

  4. These are so awesome. I love love love them. I can understand why they are expensive and I hope I can get a dress $500 cheaper so I can afford one of these!!

  5. I am absolutely in LOVE with these. Not being a huge flower person who likes creative and different things, I knew I had to have one of these. My dress is going to be a vintage style as well, so a brooch bouquet will look perfect! That said, my budget certainly does not call for one of the designer made bouquets, so I plan on making my own. I will be posting a wanted ad on to hopefully collect a ton of brooches, rings, etc. I would also like to make these for my bridesmaids, in either a contrastinng color to mine or just a smaller version. I am so freaking psyched to get started!

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