Bespecatacled brides wearing glasses at their weddings

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Racoon wife
Photo from Emma & Kevin's Muppets-and-raccoon-lovers' elopement day of fun by Afterglow Images

I didn't end up wearing my glasses when I got married, but after looking through Offbeat Bride's archive of brides in glasses, I wish I would have gotten at least ONE photo with them!

These brides are absolutely working their glasses — I've got tons of brides in red, purple, and turquoise frames, big and bold cat-eyes, and even frameless. Oh, and you know there's at least one pair of Warby Parkers in here.

Glasses and torch singing go hand in hand.

Wedding: BrideNGroom_Sing
Photo from Kendra & Blake's Rock & Roll Revival, Post-Elopement Party by a friend of the couple

Glasses and gamers and gorgeous gowns.

Photo from Anli & Laura's Lesbian Gamer Geek Wedding by Julie Clyde Photography

4. Pink for the glasses and the dress and the cake, please and thanks.

Cutting the Cake!
Photo from Linda & Stephen's fairy tale, tea party wedding by DVD House de Vie

Just rollin' in style here.

Photo from Andy & Jeff's bright green, design-detailed weddings by Leah Rae Photography

Black veil, orange eyeshadow, killer frames.

our '59 ford
Photo from Julia & Kory's casual rock ‘n' roll sideshow wedding by Jackie Canchola

Caketoppers with glasses. I die.

Photo from Cake toppers galore plus a maypole and a swag table to die for by Black Sea Creative

Keepin' it real with glasses and beer.

keepin' it classy
Photo from Lizette & Mike's simple secular country wedding by Joe Scalfaro Photography

Purple frames and a green dress are the most complementary things.

Photo from Shelley & Erik's crafty DIY and bluegrass wedding

Stay casual with spiked hair, a sleeveless shirt, and sweet frames.

we did it!
Photo from Flora & Kristy's full moon fairytale wedding by the sea by Butterfly Photography

Green birdcage veil and classy red frames. Mwah.

Photo from Technicolor Muppet madness at this Austin wedding by Ryan Green Photography

Hollywood glamour with this birdcage veil over the white frames.

meirybomb balcony2
Photo from Mary & Samm's eat-your-heart-out haunted hotel wedding by Jon Cancelino

TURQUOISE FRAMES. And the gray dress and the pink fascinator and OH.

Photo from Abbie & Justin's technicolor karaoke wedding

So much win. Orange French manicure, fab red hair, and thick black frames.

Photo from Shyn & D'Angelo's laid-back recycled wedding by Carly Bish Photography

YES, a bride should wear glasses with her bikini if at all possible.

Dip smooch by the pool
Photo from Tasha & David's surprise backyard pool party wedding by Aaron Crootof

Because black frames are perfect for calling out your fabulous blue liner.

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Photo from Hannah & Chuck's self-uniting historic boat wedding by AMP Studios

Because FUCK yes.

Photo from Murphy & Deagle's monochromatic video games wedding by Dawn Suter

Beaded dress, check. Beautiful laugh, check. Stunning frames, CHECK.

Photo from Ruth & Kit's Scottish/American faux-hawks and kilts wedding by Lauren McGlynn Photography

Are you wearing glasses on your wedding day? Ones you've worn forever, or are you taking the plunge with some stylish new frames? Tell me how you're going to rock the glasses look!

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Comments on Bespecatacled brides wearing glasses at their weddings

  1. I wear glasses every other day, and have since I was 14 months old. I have a slight (oh 15 or so pair) collection from Zenni Optical and I’m just letting my daughter pick that morning.

    • Emmi – How do you manage 15 pairs of glasses? I’ve thought about a 2nd pair but don’t want to spend the $ for the lenses that I need just to have an option in the morning. Then to have 15 of them to change when you have change (even slight!) in prescription strength….

      • I’m up to at least 15 with my newest purchase for the wedding. They all go on my shelf by the bedroom door. One pair is on my nightstand. The ones I had on when I went to sleep.

      • My prescription hasn’t changed since I had LASIK six years ago, so that’s not an issue. I went in knowing my vision is crap, LASIK just made it so I can have lenses that are less than $300.

        Having been stuck in ugly frames for 25 years, I see no reason why I can’t indulge myself now. I can afford it easily, I don’t wear the same clothing daily so why shouldn’t I enjoy different frames.

        If/when my prescription changes, I’ll donate my old ones and start collecting again. I already donate frames I decide don’t suit me. My eye team collect frames, people escaping abuse can pick frames and they put in appropriate lenses for free.

        My less worn frames are on shelves in a glass fronted cabinet. My usual duo are in cases in my nightstand. My shower pair are on the shelf in the bathroom.

        • I LOVE that you have shower glasses! How have I never heard of this before? I have fallen down the Zenni rabbit hole after my eyes proved that they CAN change prescription, sometimes daily, and now I want More Than One. Thanks for the inspiration!

      • You can always have a new prescription put in old frames. But I have five pairs and I’m going to add more to my collection when funds allow. I look at it this way – people have numerous pairs of shoes and handbags. Glasses are on your face! They are what people look at when they look at you so why not embrace it and make them a part of your style?

  2. Zenni is a lifesaver to make glasses into an accessory! I’m getting a pair of frameless ones with gold arms and bridge. I will definitely be using them afterwards as my dressy pair.

      • I’m one of the bride’s in this round up, and I actually found the glasses I was wearing in that photo on OBB. I know for me, and a lot of other people, these montages are useful.

  3. I wore glasses for my wedding. Oh the struggle! I lost count of how many times people (various people, from family to vendors) told me I couldn’t. And my answer was always the same: I can’t see anything that’s more than 2 metres from me, there’s NO WAY I’m missing the look on my fiancé’s face as I walk down the aisle.
    I told the makeup artist I wanted really strong smokey eyes and she and my mom were like oh no that’s too much, but I then put on the glasses and they changed their mind.
    I had thought of buying new frames for the wedding but there was no more budget. Still, I liked my glasses, with the black frame and metal sides with little patterns engraved on them.
    I only took them off for the photoshoot at home before the ceremony because the photographers were using a lot of flash and there were reflexes, but the rest of the day, ceremony and all, I totally rocked my glasses!

  4. I’ve been a reader on this site and a follower on Facebook for a few months now, getting married in May, and I love it but never felt like making any comment until now. I’m so glad I came across this particular article, my 12yo daughter is my chief bridesmaid and has worn glasses since she was 3 years old. She was feeling a little self conscious about having to wear her glasses until I just showed her all of these beautiful ladies totally rockin their specs. Thank you for that! Keep up with the good work. 🙂

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