4 wedding videos that made us weep (and why you’ll love your own!)

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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
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If there's one wedding regret we hear all the time, it's that couples regret not hiring a videographer. It's totally not within everyone's budget, of course, but when you can swing it, it can be SO worth it. We're in a video era, so having a gorgeous highlight video of your day, edited to music, that you can relive forever? Priceless. And way better than Uncle Dan attempting to record on his phone, trust me.

So if you're not planning on getting a videographer, these vids from our stellar partners, Electric Love Films, may just change your mind.

Get the hanky, y'all, we're going deep…

I love this little promo that Electric Love Films shared with us. It gives you a glimpse into what kind of footage you can expect (spoiler: way better and more creative than any of us could capture ourselves!), what kind of moments you'll see, and how YOU could look in your video. Rad as hell, apparently!

OMG, just wait until you get to the first look. And that ceremony kiss that blurs out. And that first dance that does a whole 360 around them. It's like they're in a movie… starring themselves and their love. Le sigh.

Oh my heart. I love that ceremony voiceover. I mean, that's the part you really want to remember, right? Those vows. And the speeches! I know I've said this exact phrase before, “I remember really loving their speeches, I just don't remember what they said.” Well, now you can! Forever!

Okay, but who wouldn't want video evidence of this venue?! Holy gorgeousness. And another super sappy first look. My fave. Side note: slow motion really adds depth to a moment.

Here's a bit from owner Melissa herself on what makes her tick and how she'll capture the vibe on your day…

Electric Love Films: “Electric” describes both my clients and the love that consumes them. You are adventurous, fun, creative, maybe even a little awkward, and overall, you are badass. Following trends or traditions doesn't need to be the same old thing but you know that.

I typically shoot with no more than one additional person and book a select number of weddings a year. My approach is what I like to dub: “come-as-you-are.” If I have you do a creative shot during your photo session, it's one that you naturally fall into by just being with one another or fits your personality. Your video is you — it's your day. It's your gateway to reliving the fleeting moments of your wedding over and over again in a way that moves you. In a way that keeps your wedding high going for months and even years to come.

I offer packages for Highlights, Features, and Archival Edits. Come say hello!

Wait, we have a promo going on, too!

Offbeat reader promo:

Receive $200 off when booking before January 1, 2019. Just mention Offbeat Bride to snag the deal!

My favorite part about a wedding video is that it's infinitely shareable. Everyone will want to be watching to see themselves or people they love, and anyone you meet after the wedding can easily understand how chill and awesome yours was with just a glimpse. And you can your partner can make an event out of rewatching your wedding day on every anniversary. Imagine having it available for a vow renewal down the line! Ugh, adorable. Someone please record themselves watching their vid at their vow renewal!

There are so many more reasons to capture your wedding on film, especially by a team as talented and amazing as Electric Love Films. Go see if they have your date free, and tell them we sent you to snag that discount.

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