Personalize your table decor with real-life trivia

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Michelle and Chris upped the personalization factor in their wedding by using their table decor for mini-factoids about them as a couple. Here is what Michelle had to say about the project:

I undertook a rather massive decoration project involving 3D hearts in three colours which had a variety of little facts about Chris and me hand-written on them. My favourite two are: “Chris and Michelle should NOT play Pictionary together” and “Chris drove Michelle to work every day for a year, even when his shift finished at midnight.”

If you're going to be crafting something for your tables or even to hang on string, consider including some of your favorite memories, favorite quotes, or random trivia about your life as a couple. Then check out the rest of Michelle and Chris' relaxed vineyard wedding!

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Comments on Personalize your table decor with real-life trivia

    • it looks like you just cut out the hearts, then cut them up the middle from the bottom to the center and fold one side over gluing it, pretty easy.

      • What kind of glue would hold it? I just imagine them popping open… I’m a craft neophyte so details needed! Thanks 🙂

  1. We’re totally adding wedding trivia in our “message in a bottle” centerpieces! I love how creative we all are!! 😀

    • Ooo, that sounds really cute. I would love to see pictures of “message in a bottle” centerpieces!

  2. I’d love an online tutorial too– they are really fun, I just feel like it would be a bit (or a lot) of trial and error before I get them just right…

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