Memorial plants are a botanical way to remember your loved ones

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Wedding memorial plants for the ceremony
Photos by Anna Michalska Photography

Crystal and Kalem wanted to make sure their departed loved ones were remembered in a sweet way at their ceremony. While some couples choose to honor loved ones with candles, portraits, lockets, or bouquet charms, we love this idea of memorial plants. Here's how Crystal described it:

It was important to us to include a tribute to our loved ones that had passed and could not attend the wedding. Two cousins carried memorial plants down the aisle to a clip from “Forever and Ever, Amen” by Randy Travis (a favourite of grandmothers on both sides of the family). It was a bit nerve-wracking for our cousins, who not only were the first down the aisle, but had to carry fine china while they walked!

If a certain flower or plant (or herb?!) meant something to you and someone you've lost, maybe a memorial plant is your way of remembering them.

What memorials are you planning at your ceremony, if you're having any?

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Comments on Memorial plants are a botanical way to remember your loved ones

  1. We actually did memorial plants at a memorial service for my grandmother instead of flowers. Some kindly but distant cousins offered to buy the flowers for the church and my mom asked for potted Chrysanthemums so that each child and grandchild could have one to plant afterwards. It was lovely and now we have a living reminder of someone lost. I love this idea for weddings too- a fun way to keep an ongoing memory.

  2. My sister was born 365 days & 8 hours before me, but died 287 days before I got to meet her (translation: we almost shared a birthday, & Big Sis made it to 11 weeks old).
    I have grown up with a photo album & a Freesia rose bush instead of a big sister. I had thought to perhaps find a similar rose to include in the floral arrangements, but never considered something like a cutting or similar rose bush to mark her place. Thank you for the idea.

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