Kris & Justin’s outdoorsy handmade Bavarian-style wedding

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The Offbeat Bride: Kris, one-half of Quilt Sandwich Fabrics

Her offbeat partner: Justin, Landscaper

Date and location of wedding: Town Center Gazebo, Leavenworth, WA — February 1, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We decided since this was my second wedding, we didn't want the traditional type of wedding. We wanted to keep it casual, small, and on a minimal budget, and we also wanted it to be incorporated into Justin's annual family vacation. Since we had chosen Leavenworth as our wedding and family vacation destination, I did some research and thought the gazebo in the town center would be perfect for a winter wedding. It has heaters inside and is large enough to hold both of our families. We were unsure as to whether we could even rent it, however, so during a camping trip this past summer, we went into town and found out that you can use the gazebo for free!


We chose an outdoorsy theme with red accents, so my wardrobe was natural colors with red laces in my snow boots and a red inner lining in my skirt. I also wanted it to be more handmade, so our wardrobe had handmade accents like a knit beret with a feather fascinator, faux-fur capelet, custom-knit fingerless gloves, and a screen-printed tie. I made some of the items myself, like my skirt, the ring bag, and a quilt for the carriage ride.

I made a $10 red rose bouquet with some cut cedar tree branches, pheasant feathers that I already had, and surrounded it with a cuff made from a man's tweed jacket and Tyrolean ribbon.


The reception took place five weeks later, at Floral Hall in Forest Park in Everett, WA. We chose this venue because we wanted to continue the rustic theme and it also fit into our budget. We hired two college students to make 200 cupcakes and a little cake for the bride and groom. Our food was light and German-themed: Dutch ham buns, grilled sausages with a variety of mustards, pretzels with Obazda (beer-cheese spread), and veggies with an herb dip. And of course we served beer among the beverages!



Tell us about the ceremony:
The ceremony was a traditional Christian ceremony, but Pastor Jim incorporated a Shakespearian “Winter's Tale” slant to it, so it was truly a magical time. I was given away by my kids, Chloe, age 16, and Ben, age 12.


William Cullen Bryant's “A Winter Piece”:

But Winter has yet brighter scenes – he boasts
Splendors beyond what gorgeous Summer knows.
Or Autumn with his many fruits, and woods
All flushed with many hues. Come when the rains
Have glazed the snow and clothed the trees with ice,
While the slant sun of February pours
Into the bowers a flood of light. Approach!
The incrusted surface shall upbear thy steps,
And the broad arching portals of the grove
Welcome thy entering.




After the ceremony, we took a horse-drawn carriage ride around the town while the guests walked up the street to Gustav's, a casual and rustic restaurant. It was very casual and fun.



My favorite moment:
We've both been through some hard times, so it was pretty emotional for us to finally have found real love. Our families all cried with happiness after the ceremony. It was a regular tear-fest. And then right after we were presented as husband and wife, the sun came out. God was shining on us that day!

Cookies for after the wedding lunch (thanks Erica!).

Have you been married before and if so, what did you do differently?
My first wedding was very traditional, in a church. Justin and I originally were just going to get hitched at the courthouse or in Vegas, but because he hadn't been married, his mom really wanted to see her son get married in a ceremony of sorts. So the idea to get married during his family winter trip was born. And since Leavenworth isn't too far away, it would be pretty inexpensive to travel and stay there in the dead of Winter.


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  1. Love the simplicity of this! With all the German accents, it reminds me of living in good ol’ Wisconsin!

  2. This is one of the coziest winter weddings I’ve ever seen! Love the gazebo & boots! Much happiness & many blessings!

  3. Leavenworth! What a charming place to have a winter wedding. This is just lovely. Blessings to you both!

  4. I got so excited when I saw the picture on the blog homepage–Leavenworth is wonderful! In a town with so much history and richness of ancestry, what a wonderful place to mark your future. Everything looks so cozy and jolly and sweet. I especially love all the matching red scarves. Congratulations!

  5. Love this wedding!…adorable, personal. Love the red scarfs..i have always thought a winter wedding was the most magical and romantic! ….

  6. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! We had a lovely time in Leavenworth… If you haven’t been there in the winter, check it out some time. The Christmas lights in town at night are magical!

  7. Where did you get your adorable cake topper? My fiance and I live in a house that looks just like that and it would be perfect!

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