These sweet, nerdy, and unplugged vows are He-Man approved

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 | Photography by Jeffery Thomas
These sweet, nerdy, and unplugged vows are He-Man approved
Photos by Jeffery Thomas

Need some nerdtastic, funny, and sweet vow inspiration? Frankie and Garrik's wedding vows were peppered with tips on keeping love exciting, nerdy references, and a very cheeky way to get everyone to turn off their phones. You'll want to take notes on these unplugged vows with a side order of He-Man.

These sweet, nerdy, and unplugged vows are He-Man approved These sweet, nerdy, and unplugged vows are He-Man approved

Officiant: What a truly special day today is! Only rarely do any of us take the time to travel far away to meet all of our closest friends and family for the sole purpose of celebrating.
Before we begin, please turn the volume of your phones up as high as possible, so that when somebody gets a phone call during the ceremony we all know whom to blame. Alternatively, please silence your phones. The ceremony is about to begin.

Garrik and Frankie, you have built a foundation for your relationship based on honesty and respect. You have found joy in one another’s company, and you have become better, more fulfilled people because of your connection. You have dwelled in the past yet now you can revel in the future, hand-in-hand with each other.

As time passes, don’t let the fun side of love fade. Give time for the tenderness, gentleness, and kindness that you each deserve. Remember to write love notes, give each other massages, and kiss in the rain. Take time to feed ducks at the park and take walks together. Share your new passions, and discuss life’s deeper questions, like where is that geocache? Pursue new experiences, and grow together. There will be difficulties ahead, but if you face them as a couple, with a strong sense of love, perspective, and mutual support, you will not only survive, but thrive.

Do you take Frankie/Garrik to be your partner in the adventure that lies ahead?
Do you promise to walk by his/her side to the ends of the earth?
To love, encourage, and support him/her in his/her every endeavor?
Do you commit to opening yourself up completely to him/her and share with them your entire being?
To share his/her laughter as well as tears?
Do you take him/her as your husband/wife for now until the end of time?

Ring exchange:
As a sign of my love for you, of choosing to share my whole life’s journey with you, and of my knowing that in marrying you I shall become much more than I am, I give you this ring, with the pledge of love and faithfulness.

The Pronouncement of Marriage:
By the power of Greyskull, I now pronounce you man & wife.

THEY HAVE THE POWER (of kick-ass vows)!

Are you incorporating any funny or geeky references in your vows? Tell us about it!

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  1. We had a couple of iterations of “So say we all” when it felt like an “amen” moment, in our secular ceremony:
    We take a brief pause to recognize those close to our hearts who left us before they could be here today. We remember with gratitude those who have loved and supported us, past and present. Let us let go of past hurt, acknowledge our good fortune, and embrace life. May anyone with sadness in their hearts replace it with joy on this day. May our hearts and minds be guided to watch over Karina and Colin and to celebrate their love and the promise that is their marriage. So say we all.
    Audience: So say we all.
    Since we read the What is Real section of the Velveteen Rabbit, we included “Marriage is when no one is looking. Marriage is for real. And we’re here together today to make this one real at last.”
    And then of course, an Harry Potter reference that wouldn’t alienate anyone:
    “The promises you have just made are a statement of present intent and commitment. They cannot endure unless you make them endure. The spoken word holds no hidden power within itself, for we are not wizards, and human ingenuity has never yet devised an unbreakable vow….(rings) With the exchange of these rings, and the promises exchanged between them and everyone here, may this union endure for all time, always.” We played a lot of soundtrack music in the reception and a little in the ceremony too. It all flowed like a traditional service but without all those pesky impersonal bits.

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