Have a crazy, sexy bachelorette party NO ONE will forget with The Keyhole Sessions in Toronto

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From the second The Keyhole Sessions contacted us about their weekly, erotic life-drawing event held in Toronto I thought, awesome! Ever since I wrote an article about offbeat bachelorette party ideas I have been bombarded with even more and even crazier ideas and this event could be one of the craziest yet! I also thought about the very active and very large BDSM Brides group on the Offbeat Bride Tribe and how this might appeal to those ladies.

The photo and the content that follows may be (okay it IS) a little NSFW so hit the jump to find out more info on The Keyhole Sessions and its amazing private party offer for those who want a creative (and *cough* unforgettable) bachelorette…

TheKeyholeSessions OffbeatBride2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)With an appreciation for the art of restraint, The Keyhole Sessions incorporates Japanese rope bondage, commonly known as Shibari, into their sessions. And their models are often partly costumed and come with attitude — think angel wings and tutus, burlesque corsets and riding crops, army boots and steam punk goggles, all wrapped around models who are there to have as much fun as the artists. (More fun than you could ever think to have on a freaking Tuesday!)

They also offer private sessions PERFECT for bachelorette parties where you and your buddies get to go to a beautiful venue in the Queen West Arts District in Toronto, drink and draw for two debaucherous hours.

So if you want to have a crazy, sexy (and unique!) bachelorette party without greasy male strippers and obnoxious clubs, get in contact with The Keyhole Sessions, expand your horizons and get creative.

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  1. wooo! sounds awesome! to those who are interested in this kind of thing who don’t live in the area check out Dr. Sketchy (disclosure, I have modelled for them). They have branches in a lot of different cities across North America. (they’re not paying me to say this, and I do not work for them generally)

  2. Makes me wish I was having a bachelorette party in Canada. Someone start something like this in Aus!

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