Tentacle and octopus wedding ideas and details for beautiful briny sea weddings

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Suzi and Paul share our fondness for the wriggly tentacled types that we're celebrating this week in our mash-up theme of barns and tentacles (BARNACLE WEEK!). We scoured the tentacle archives and found steampunk octopodes, squid cakes, tentacle crowns, knitted cephalopods, and tentacle-covered accessories. Wrap your many arms around these babies…


Suzi and Paul also toasted with these glasses, overcome by mini squid-like creatures. Suzi mentioned that they got lost during the reception, but I'm pretty sure that someone nabbed them due to the extreme cuteness!

We recently featured this pair, who blew us away with their burner-meets-tentacles outfits. If you missed it, go go go to see MizAnna and her “husfriend” knock it out of the park.

ringOooh, tentacle engagement ring by the sea! Make my day, why dontcha, Erin? Get a similar ring here.

Courtney and Rhys' Alaskan steampunk octopus-spattered beach wedding was FULL of kick-ass details worthy of any cephalophile (is that even a word?). Here's a similar hair clip to Courtney's, if you're looking for one.

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De Anne and Warren had a giant octopus on the groom's cake! I'm pretty sure nobody was getting near the cake with him there. MINE!

Need a funky flask for wedding party gifts or to nip nerves in the bud before the ceremony? This posh dude's got you covered.

I love this octopus tie clip because it's a little steampunk, and I'm pretty sure mandatory at the Beautiful Briny Ballroom.

Holy photo booth fun, Batman! Check out this tentacle mustache which would rock for reception hijinks… or hell, wear it to the ceremony.

bridethulhu dem 092012 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

And let's not forget our very own Bridethulhu shirts that keep popping up at Tribesmaid's rehearsals and planning sessions. Here is Tribesmaid Littleorangemonkeys sporting hers.

Who else is planning to add some tentacle details to their wedding?

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  1. Man do I have a serious case of cephalophilia. I also love Suzi’s dress! So cute!

  2. I love this my wedding is basicly Cthulu themed from the hand crocheted hair piece to my tiny key chains tentales and wings everywhere ^-^ love love love that grooms jacket!!

  3. Oh hey! That’s me! We also had Cthulhu bride and groom cake toppers. I love all things cephalopod! That tentacle ring is epic, and I want that mustache!

  4. HEY! I totally bought my Manthing that exact flask for Christmas a year or so back! Haha! He’s likely wearing it for the wedding 😉

  5. I just saw this posted on Facebook, and I saw the word “tentacle” with something I commonly think of as “wedding porn” and my mind went to inappropriate places.

    That being said, these are all lovely details!

  6. Love these Octopodes and I love Bedknobs and Broomsticks too.” Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea”

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