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When ONE wedding just isn’t enough, sometimes folks have two weddings! The reasons can range from intercultural issues to geographical distances…

We're having a family-friendly wedding AND a kink-friendly second wedding

We’re planning two weddings: family-friendly AND kink-friendly

One of things my fiancé and I most cherish about our relationship is that we lead the kind of double-life worthy of one of the superhero comic books he loves so much. Normally, we are responsible, hard-working citizens who live and parent together in a small, quiet town. But after a quick change in a phone booth (aka, when my ex has the kids and we travel), we become adventurers well-versed in kink and non-monogamy who love to find weird bars, get tattoos, and go out dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

So it stands to reason that we have to plan not one but two weddings…

Lowcountry meets India wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

South Carolina Lowcountry meets the colors of India in this two-day wedding

Elizabeth grew up in Charleston and wanted to incorporate the classic, southern style of the Lowcountry. Sriram grew up in India and they both wanted to make sure that his culture was well-represented. So we’re talking the addition of a mandap for the ceremony, a two-day split celebration, and lots of Southern-inspired holiday details.

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Mihaela & Mitko’s two-part Paris-themed Bulgarian wedding

A Francophile wedding in Bulgaria? Yes indeed. And we’re bringing along two dresses (one crocheted, the other Paris-themed!), a macaron cake, and loads of pitkas (Bulgarian bread). It’s a total mash-up of Western traditions, Bulgarian traditions, and altogether offbeat Bulgarian awesomeness. Don’t miss the bride’s valiant attempt at a horo dance, too.

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Robin & Maggie’s wedding chapel crashers two-part wedding

These two rascals sneaked into a historical chapel in New Mexico for their legal vows, and then topped it off with a big bash in Colorado with friends and family. It’s a little historical, a little emotional, and downright adorable. Oh, and you might just love one of the bride’s takes on the wedding certificate as full-on AWARD!

birch wedding cake alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Erin & Ryan’s Northern Ireland roadtrip and homespun Appalachian handfasting

This pair likes to take the old proverb “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too” as both a personal challenge and an individual goal. Therefore, when they were planning their wedding and couldn’t decide between two drastically different affairs (a free-spirited private destination wedding adventure versus an intricately detailed small community backyard handfasting), they decided to have them both! Prepare for gorgeous scenery and naughty favors ahead!

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Morgan & Jon’s multi-location trifecta wedding

Four locations, four weddings, and four times the reason to see what the hell it’s all about! And that includes a hand-spray-painted dress, a surprise wedding tattoo, and a really awesome “water ceremony.” You must see what ceremony flub made all the guests raise their hands in the air and wave ’em like they just don’t care.