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A chapel in Tuscon & playing their own reception: a fab desert New Year's Eve wedding

A fab desert New Year’s Eve wedding

Kendra and Thomas had a crafty, musical, beer-filled wedding day in Tuscon with heirlooms galore and so many meaningful moments: “Our priorities for the wedding were good music, good photos, good beer, an open guest list so we could include all of our family and friends (and their kids!), vegetarian Mexican food, and a FUN PARTY. We also wanted our wedding to be authentically us. We wanted it to reflect who we are and celebrate the life we have built together and the future we will share…”

Winter engagement session in Arizona as seen on @offbeatbride

These fabulous winter engagement photos in Arizona win the internet

Ed is a tattoo artist and owner of a tattoo shop in Tucson, Arizona and Emily is a model, hairdresser, and makeup artist. Together they made engagement shoot bliss and we are SO in love. They live in the desert and hardly ever get snow, so they headed up to Mt. Lemmon, which overlooks Tucson, to snag some luminous winter snow photos. It’s mountains, cliffs, the golden hour, and some of the most fabulous outfits ever.

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Joey & Wade’s crowdsourced zombie wedding

Get your candy out because it’s Halloween Week! We’ve got zombies, ghosts, and gore in our weddings. This time around it’s a couple who met at a Zombie Walk, so the theme was inevitable. Zombies, natch, but also an Elvis minister and a unicorn ring bearer! Plus, the officiant started the ceremony with “Brains. Brains brains brains brains brains.” A total must-read.

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Kat & Scott’s gamer geek gathering (with a side of wedding)

This pair knows how to play to their audience: board games, Rock Band, and gamer references all over this joint. They even have D6 cake pops! You’ll also love the sweet ending to the tale of a nervous brother and his ring warming duty. This is one kick-ass geekfest for gamers and those who love them.

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Kim & Bix’s Dia de los Muertos, elegant, fiesta wedding

A weekday wedding, wine and art registries, a tear-jerking memorial, dia de los muertos, AND some great advice? You must read more.

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Melissa & Erik’s cheap, elegant, drumming & roller skating wedding

Day two of Rock Your Wedding week features a drumming couple who each sat in with the wedding band. Did I mention that their first dance was on roller skates? Awesome! -Becca