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You (and your wedding crew!) needs to see these nature-themed jewelry gifts

I featured some gorgeous and whimsical animal rings and jewelry over on Offbeat Home & Life today that just screamed wedding party gifts. Which of your wedding party would NOT want to rock a frog prince ring, a red panda ring, or a gorgeous enamel floral bracelet?

See your wedding flowers transformed into jewelry

Your wedding flowers can be pressed and transformed into jewelry

We already love IMPRESSED by nature for their gorgeous handmade jewelry using locally grown flowers and leaves. But did you know that you can preserve your wedding bouquet and flowers in custom-made jewelry, too? Imagine being able to wear your wedding bouquet forever or give a piece of it away as a keepsake gift to family or friends…

rings and trinkets and sparklies for Valentine's Day gifts and proposals

So many offbeat rings and trinkets for Valentine’s Day gifts and proposals

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which for most of us means we’re running around trying to find something meaningful to give to our partners. Thankfully, we’ve got tons of vendor partners producing some of the most stunning and offbeat rings and trinkets and sparklies (oh my!) that we’ve seen. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to inspire you to give the gift of purty bling to your special someone. Or maybe as bridesmaids/family gifts. And especially as a gift to yourself. Oh, and bonus: a few of these folks have discounts going on…

wedding jewelry

Channel the ’90s with one of these stunning wedding chokers

Ever since the ’90s galloped back into our fashion lives and brought with it platform shoes, overall dresses, and of course, choker necklaces, I’ve been rejoicing. Wedding chokers are one of my favorite accessories and there are TONS from which to choose these days. I scoured the internet to find a big selection for any budget. Seriously, any budget can find a necklace here. If you’re looking for a delicate lace choker, a bling-y rhinestone cuff, or a dapper mini bow tie, you’ll find one here.

anatomical heart necklace alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Someone needs to wear this goth-glam anatomical heart necklace at their wedding

This anatomical heart necklace is definitely on someone’s subtle-goth-science-vibe wish list for their wedding, right? Because we need to see it on someone or we’ll just buy it ourselves to wear to a wedding. Who needs fake traditional hearts when you can wear a replica of the real thing? Yeah, yeah, we know the brain is the actual love center, but no shits are given!

Wedding shoulder jewelry as seen on @offbeatbride

Not a necklace, not a shrug: it’s shoulder jewelry

If you’ll be rocking the bare shoulder look, you’ve got a blank canvas to decorate your decolletage any way you like. A necklace? A choker? A shawl? A cover-up? What about a combination of all of them? Yep, I’m talking about this wedding shoulder jewelry. Talk about glamming up your jewelry game.