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Movie theater wedding ideas, venues, receptions, themes, and invitations, plus pictures from real weddings that happened in movie theaters!

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Melissa & Joe’s Star Wars masquerade ball

It’s Star Wars week and today we’ve got a Star Wars-themed masquerade with handmade masks, a Yoda officiant, and a wedding party complete with all the major characters from the movies. Add in the LED bouquets, the “future preview” movies, life-sized Han in carbonite, and mini lightsabers for everyone, and you’ve got a wedding to make any Star Wars fan start heavy breathing. Oh, and wait until you see the surprise reception dance!

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When Comic-Con speed dating leads to wedded bliss: a nerdy theater celebration

Sarah and Shane first met at a Comic-Con Speed Dating event, and their love for movies, Doctor Who, and puppets brought them together. They got married at the Scotia Cinema in New York, where guests were greeted with popcorn and 3D glasses, and then peppered with trivia questions about the couple’s relationship.

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Sonya & Mark’s cinematic retro theater wedding

This pair needed a very specific venue, and a trip to their favorite movie theater gave them the epiphony they needed: a wedding at the movie theater with a retro Hollywood theme! Queue the popcorn and champagne, James Bond-looking groom, victory rolled-ladies, and movie trailer ceremony preview. Just don’t score them too low for the predictable ending (happily ever after, naturally).

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Tattoos and lace meet for this movie theater wedding

The Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles served as the glamorous backdrop for this equally glamorous couple’s wedding. Bree and Stacey’s style combined tattoos, lace, a fabulous cocktail hat, and a shmancy tux. Their addition of a short film about their love totally fit with the theater setting, too.

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Robin & Mark’s retro 3D movie theater wedding

Elvis has entered the building at this rad retro wedding. Bust out your 3D glasses to take in all the ’50s details from the classic car getaway to one swingin’ Daddy-o. We have your ticket to see this amazing wedding.

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Jen & Henry’s Old Hollywood-inspired with a touch of Assyrian wedding

The groom comes from a big wedding-loving Assyrian family, the bride wants to elope discreetly. Sometimes an Old Hollywood vibe is the draw that brings a reluctant bride around. Have some classic movie place cards, lots of feathers, some glowing and happy parents, and Old Hollywood glamour and everyone will go home happy. Plus they had some really sweet audience involvement during the ceremony.