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We’ve got all the wedding menu ideas and advice you need, with everything from example menus, to how to deal with special needs eaters like vegans or gluten free or paleo folks, plus printable wedding menu templates!

wedding salad alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

The simple wedding menu to fit almost ALL dietary restrictions

We were looking for a casual menu that wouldn’t break the bank. But we have all the menu issues of the modern ages: Vegans, vegetarians, hard-core meat eaters, comfort food-lovers, tomato allergy, gluten allergy, dairy allergy, nut allergy, and even a garlic allergy. Now, my wedding menu is not fancy, and this isn’t for everyone, but again I’m looking for easy, as all-encompassing as possible, and budget-friendly. Here’s what we’re serving up…

Menu bundled with rosemary sprig alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Wrap your winter wedding menus with rosemary for a sweet-smelling reception

I am huge into herbs, so I gasped out loud when I saw that Jeff and Brandon tucked sprigs of rosemary into the menus at their wedding. My favorite! If you’re not familiar, think of the warm comfort foods of winter — turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and so on. You’ve probably eaten them flavored with rosemary!

This herb’s smell is savory, refreshing, and oh so appetizing. That makes it the perfect complement to a menu at a winter wedding! The aroma is subtle enough that it’s not going to knock anyone off their feet, but with a sprig at each plate, rosemary will definitely lend a delightful aroma to your reception area.

vegan menu alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A spicy and sweet Mexican-inspired vegan menu

Kari and Chris had to do some serious leg-work to find a caterer willing to accommodate their request for their reception dinner: Mexican-inspired vegan cuisine. Thankfully, Philadelphia-based caterer Dine My Darling stepped up to help them craft a drool-worthy menu for their Philly nuptials including sweet potato tacos, pumpkin soup shots, and roasted vegetable empanadas. Let’s dish on the dishes, and be inspired, vegan Mexican-style…

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How to make an antique window wedding menu display

For our menus, rather than printing anything out, my future husband and I bought antique windows to display the bar and dinner menus. I am super super-pleased with how well this turned out. So I thought I’d share the step-by-step method.

Toasting - An April Fool's Day surprise pizza parlor wedding

Liquor guess-timation: how to creatively calculate your wedding alcohol

We have collected much wisdom from some of our super-savvy Tribesmaids. From how they got their guests to help make the decision, to what an actual wedding order looks like, a simple-to-understand rule, and even some advice as to what to do with the left-overs — we got ’em to dish their cocktail menu details. If you’re looking for answers to this same drinky dilemma, check out these helpful tips…

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Indian-inspired wedding menu from a wannabe foodie

I’m a wannabe foodie. I decided early on that good food was a priority for the wedding. After much indecision on my part, one day my husband declared that we should have Indian food at the wedding. It made sense. We both love Indian food. Why shouldn’t we have it at our wedding?