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What polyamorists can teach brides about getting over wedding jealousies

Oh, so you’re having a bit of the green eyed monster about someone else’s wedding? Let’s talk about jealousy…

14976067481 05b060cf05 b alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Why I worry when people say they want a “unique” wedding (let’s talk about authenticity vs. attention)

“We’re thinking of having all our parents walk us down the aisle together,” you say to a friend, and then watch for a smile or a twitch of the eyelid. Did that smile mean they like it? Or did it mean they’re just being nice? Shit, I can’t tell! Now I think I’m going to have an anxiety vomit all over the floor!

Why didn't you feature my wedding?

Why didn’t you feature my wedding?

Sometimes we get emails from brides who’ve submitted their weddings, asking us what was wrong with their wedding that we didn’t feature it. So maybe it’s time to explain how we pick the weddings we feature…