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Video game-themed wedding

You HAVE to see the giant Stargate, light-up dress, and Minecraft cake at this video game-themed wedding

A light-up dress. A blinking tie clip. Centerpieces filled with D20 dice. Chicken and waffles on the menu. Kaylee’s parasol. A Minecraft cake so epic the guests didn’t realize it was cake. Mario and Luigi as ringbearers. Guests in costumes. A grand entrance through a giant Stargate. This geeky video game-themed wedding is an explosion of nerdy goodness.

tattooed bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Carlee & Daniel’s crafty Firefly chic wedding

A little Firefly, some rustic DIYed touches, and a last-minute gown… this wedding is full of surprises and gorgeous details. Add in the homebrew, the hair-styling save by the officiant, and the community-crafted love, and you’ve got a wedding to remember. And don’t miss the funniest moment — it involves Batman!

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Alison & Dodge’s skulls and zombies retro wedding

When the “something blue” in a wedding is a big blue streak in the bride’s hair, you know you’re in for some fun. Don’t miss the custom Batman Converse, the retro fabulous bridesmaids dresses, and the zombie references. Oh, and wait until you see the cake they won in a contest! Free cake is good… free AMAZING cake is awesome.

sdfdgg alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Faith & Aaron’s steamy Muppet wedding with a touch of Stephen Colbert

This combination of themes may seem a little odd at first, but once you see it, you love it! We’ve got Stephen Colbert-inspired cue cards, spin drums, steamy Western/sci-fi garb (complete with ray guns), flame-powered centerpieces, and some sweet children’s vows. You might also be inspired by their half public/half private vows, too. Oh, and wait until you see the faux “ink bleeder” pen made by the groom for the signing of the marriage certificate! Totally bad-ass.

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Ruth & Andrew’s spiritually eclectic museum wedding

This bride got a little perspective and went from “Super Special Shocking Spectacular” to real-life, community-driven, awesome wedding. With a shmancy museum backdrop, a handfasting, and a ring warming (with a time-saving twist), meaning and tears were not hard to come by. And give me a few non-matchy matchy bridesmaids’ dresses with pockets any day.

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This geeky Browncoat wedding was shiniest wedding in the ‘verse

This week we’re celebrating our sci-fi-loving, fantasy-squeeing, and comic book-collecting couples. Today we have a couple of hardcore Browncoats celebrating with dinosaur centerpieces, Nerf Mavericks, and Firefly-inspired costumes.