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We know that your vow to help save the planet is one of the most important vows you’ve ever made… until this second vow thing entered the picture. Learn how to combine your wedding day and your eco-ethics!

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A succulent-themed lavender and blue beachside wedding that’ll warm you right up

These two met three years ago online, and quickly discovered a “mutual love for good food, cocktails, and laughs.” Right before Thanksgiving 2011 they decided they were tired of waiting for America to get it together and they wanted to get married now. Luckily they live in Massachusetts, and were able to legally wed before heading to Aruba to celebrate with friends and family.

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Bronwen & Lou’s homemade steampunk kid-friendly fire dancing wedding

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we’ve got a burner-meets-upcycled-meets-kid-friendly celebration including fire dancing, a community-planned potluck, and a sweet ceremony interruption by the couple’s little girl. It’s laid-back and free-form and we’re loving it!

6 Love Inc. alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Get your wedding gown adorned with custom artwork from Tara Lynn Bridal

We’ve gushed about Tara Lynn’s bridal gown designs before, but now it’s time to focus in on the details. To refresh your memories, our sponsor Tara Lynn makes eco-friendly wedding gowns and suits that can actually express your personalities, as her works are adorned with custom artwork. Here are a few examples of the gorgeous custom adornments you could get with your own Tara Lynn Bridal design…

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Shkehlaht Belit & Ahe’s sustainable wholistic sacred union ceremony

Looking for inspiration for your vegan wedding? Sustainable wedding, wholistic wedding? This wedding will blow your mind. With the whole family clad in handmade tie-dyed garments, no vendors, and completely DIYed decor, ceremony space, and food, this is one of those celebrations that they can totally own.

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Solitary Pearl is offering discounts and deals on their ethical, custom, or DIY indie wedding gowns!

Our sponsor Solitary Pearl offers comfy and eco-friendly dress designs like my new favorite up there. Much like that dress, all these Solitary Pearl dresses are just so incredibly gorgeous but still indie. And just feminine enough to please princesses and tomboys alike.

I hope you haven’t found your wedding dress yet, because there are three reasons you’re going to be seriously tempted by Solitary Pearl…

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Laura & Jason’s rainbow sacred circle potluck wedding

With a desire to keep things eco-friendly, unplugged, and ultra-fun, this outdoor celebration totally embraces low-key loveliness. Add in some rainbow decor, a wildly-dressed and winged games master, and even a talent show, and you’ve got yourself totally accessible party fun times for all ages.