5 types of brides that these sustainable wedding dresses were literally made for!

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Hempsilk and reclaimed satin wedding dress -- perfect for romping through fields!
Hempsilk and reclaimed satin wedding dress — perfect for romping through fields!
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Our eco-friendly wedding dress sponsor, Conscious Elegance, is now permanently in the Boston area with a spiffy new website. (Ooh, ahh.) As Lori, the designer, put it, this means that Conscious Elegance is “now able to be even more present to LGBT brides of all genders.”

I'd add “brides of all shapes, sizes, and interests,” too!

Here are the types of brides who should definitely rock a Conscious Elegance sustainable wedding dress…

Purple is the new "green."
Purple is the new “green.”

1. Eco-warriors

Do the words “eco wedding dress designs,” “recycled,” and “hempsilk,” get you all riled up? Mmm hmm… then you should absolutely have Conscious Elegance make you a wedding dress! Conscious Elegance‘s custom eco wedding dress designs are sustainable-as-hell. Lori actually strives for as close to zero-waste as possible!

Carolyn's red "Medieval dress with lots of twirl" and
How cute are Dani and Carolyn in their custom wedding gowns?

2. LGBT couples

Conscious Elegance has always been very publicly supportive of all types of couples with their awesome inclusion policy.

3. Transgender brides

Lori told us that one of her recent brides is a transgender woman. She added, “I cannot say strongly enough that I believe that transgender women are as truly women as if they had been born with two x chromosomes. They deserve to look beautiful on their wedding day just as much as any cisgendered woman, and I'd be honored to help make that happen.” AMEN, sister!

The Bronwyn -- for all your fairy wedding needs!
The Bronwyn — for all your fairy wedding needs!

4. Fannish folk

I know we have some awesome geeks reading Offbeat Bride, and y'all want to use your wedding as opportunity to rock an epic dress. Conscious Elegance can bring all your geek chic dreams come true. Not only does Lori get it, since she's been known to cosplay herself, she has also made wedding dresses inspired by Ren Faires and Doctor Who.

Renee, an 18th century styled dress, was custom designed for our client (Renee!) as an homage to the Girl in the Fireplace in the Dr. Who TV series. Renee wanted to wear her gown for her wedding and then for cosplay later. We used five reclaimed dresses in the creation!
Conscious Elegance made Renee her 18th century-styled dress — custom designed as an homage to The Girl in the Fireplace episode of Doctor Who!

5. ANYONE who wants to feel amazing in a wedding dress

“We loved our dresses SO MUCH! They were so remarkably different yet so perfect together, and so very us!” – lots of love, Carolyn (the bride in this red dress)

The great thing about getting Conscious Elegance to make your dress is that you'll not only feel amazing because you bought an ethical wedding dress, but, since Lori works with your specific measurements, it'll fit you like it was custom-made. Because it was!

No matter your body-type, your fandom, or how you self-identify in ANY WAY, get in contact with Lori, and feel as good as you look in your wedding dress!

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    • Eee! Thank you for saying so (I just saw your comment – sorry for the radio silence). I hope we can help create your friend’s dream dress; love love love helping people feel beautiful and maybe I have a Thing for silk. (MKIOK) <3

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