Warning: this sloth cake topper will induce intense squeeing

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Sloth cake topper as seen on @offbeatbride #sloth #wedding #cake
Sloth cake topper from Mythillogical

OMG are you seeing what I'm seeing here?! For all those sloth fans (and I do include Kristen Bell here — watch her flip the fuck out about a sloth), this sloth cake topper is the holy grail of adorable cake toppers.

These sweet little needle-felted three-toed sloths can actually have their arms moved and posed in various positions. Maybe so they can rock out, metal-style? You can also customize it to have two brides sloths or two grooms sloths, too.

GAH so cute. Give us alllll the sloth cake toppers. Is this sloth cake topper on your list of potential cake decorations or what?

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