How I used a pillow fort to propose to my boyfriend

Guest post by Lacey

When my boyfriend (now fiance!) left for his week-long stag party in Montreal, I spent the weekend building a blanket fort based off of one of our favourite shows, Community, to surprise him. The night before he was to arrive home I was sitting inside said fort, and it occurred to me this would be a great way to propose to him.

Even though we were already planning our wedding, we had yet to get “officially” engaged. My boyfriend was getting more and more stressed due to what he perceived to be the pressure of creating “the perfect” proposal. I realized that I was letting him do it because I wanted the story, something cool to tell my friends. It occurred to me that I was putting other people's reactions and opinions ahead of my love's well being. So I decided I would take matters into my own hands.

I turned the blanket fort into a scavenger hunt, complete with instructions and pictures copied from the “Pillows and Blankets” episode of Community, where they built a giant blanket fort called New Fluffytown. I had several steps, with the last step leading to an enclave under a desk, where I had written a letter explaining that I was sorry I had let him get stressed about such a simple four word question — especially a question that in my eyes had only one answer. It then told him to open the box behind it, which contained his ring (handmade ebony wood ring, same as mine), and a card that asked him to marry me.

[related_post align=”right”]It was Mother's Day, so I was having dinner at my family's house when he arrived home. I got live-feed reaction texts from him as he reached each step. By the end of it my family was as anxious for his reaction as I was!

Here was my fiance's version of how it all went down:

So, I get home last night after six days. Excited to just hop into bed and wait for Lacey to get home from Mothers Day dinner, I open the door to what I can only describe as “New FluffyTown” — a repilca of the second largest and most extravagant blanket slash pillow fort built in the world built in fictional Greendale Community College in 2012. (It's from one of our favourite shows, Community.) I thought to myself, how the hell does this women understand me so well!

I spent the next two hours following an adventure maze that led me to a plush living room with two of my favorite beers and my most comfortable PJ's laid out for me. After enjoying the drinks in my flannels I followed the instructions that took me through other rooms and other surprises that left me speechless and finally to the last room.

The last room. A letter, a box, a question and a ring. I don't know how many men have been swept off their feet so let me tell you my brothers… There is no better feeling in the world. Especially when the proposal is coming from someone who already has your heart and still feels she has the need to ask for it.

I said yes. Then I got down on one knee when she got home and she said yes. The engagement is now official official (finally with five months till our wedding). We're a little backwards, it's the only way we roll.

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Comments on How I used a pillow fort to propose to my boyfriend

  1. “Especially when the proposal is coming from someone who already has your heart and still feels she has the need to ask for it.”

    Damn that’s beautiful.

  2. I love this! Community is one of our favorite shows too (“ugh, it’s the Latvian Independence Day parade!”), and this is so sweet and thoughtful and GUH. I love it.

  3. This is so freaking gorgeous that I am holding back tears while at work reading this! Congratulations to both of you.

  4. Ooohhh!!! I so might have to take some inspiration from this!!! I can tell my lady is freaking about this already.

    And congrats and go team you guys and yay community 🙂

  5. Such a sweet and heartfelt proposal, it’s getting me all choked up. I agree that you shouldn’t worry about how other people will think of your proposal (or wedding). It’s all about you and your partner!

  6. I absolutely love what he says at the end. “We’re a little backwards, it’s the only way we roll.” That is a fantastic line.

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