Officiating a wedding? You need these wedding ceremony interview questions!

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officiating a wedding
Bro you're gonna crush it…. assuming you take some of our advice. (Shirt available here.)

So you're officiating a wedding and you're feeling a little lost? Well, we've got you. At Offbeat Wed, not only do we have a massive archive of wedding ceremony scripts for folks who are officiating a friend's wedding, but we also have tons of advice about how to officiate a wedding. And today we're coming at you with questions you can ask your friends getting married to help you gather the stories and details to help you write your wedding officiant script.

If you're trying to write your wedding officiant script for a friend's wedding, you'll need the help of the couple. Share these questions with them, and you'll have a great head start on the information you need for officiating a wedding, and have SO much great material to work with when it comes to writing your officiant script. Copy and paste these into an email for your couple, and watch the stories roll in!

Wedding ceremony detail questions to ask the couple

  1. Would you like to write your own vows? Tell me about why and what you might want to say.
    And if you need help, check out
  2. Tell me about the rings you chose.
  3. Will anyone else be involved in the ceremony or the processional (walking you down the aisle)? If so, who and why.
  4. What is the order of the ceremony you envision? Who is walking down the aisle in what order (to the best of your ability, don’t spend too much time on this. We can also figure it out at the rehearsal). IE partner 1 + parents, grandparents, wedding party, best person flower person + ring bearer with fur baby, partner 2 + parents. Names of all folks involved are helpful.
  5. Will you be scheduling a wedding rehearsal? If so, when and where?

Story questions to ask the couple to help you write your wedding officiant script

Answer the ones that are natural, or have a good story. Ignore the ones that don’t trigger anything right away. Silly is good, it breaks the ice! Mushy is good too, for the tears and the cool photos.

  1. Tell me why you are choosing this person to marry over all the other people.
  2. Tell me how you see yourself being the best spouse to your person.
  3. What do you do to cheer your person up?
  4. What does your person do to cheer you up?
  5. What does your person do that makes you laugh?
  6. Tell me about the first time you met. How did you feel? What were you doing? What did you think?
  7. Tell me the favorite parts of the proposal (or the conversation you had when you decided to make this legal).
  8. Why are you a good team together?
  9. When was the moment you knew you didn’t want to live without your person?
  10. What do you love most about your person?
  11. How will you be your person's biggest fan?
  12. How do you inspire your person?
  13. What has your person taught you?
  14. How would you describe your person? How would your person describe you?
  15. Why do you fit together so well?
  16. My favorite story of us is …
  17. In your own words, tell me the highlights of your story.

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  1. As a professional officiant, I’ll suggest one more question: What’s “your song” as a couple? Not everyone has one, but when they do, it gives you some insight into their word style, and sometimes you can use snippets to personalize their script.

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