New Jersey’s Dennis Pike Photography’s images are so stunning I can’t believe they’re real

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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I can't stop staring at the images from New Jersey-based wedding photographer Dennis Pike. Seriously, if I hadn't seen his blog posts full of real wedding pics, I would have sworn these were styled shoots.

Take that photo up above. Dennis was just second shooting for that wedding, and managed to turn the worst snow storm New Jersey had seen in two years into one of the most breathtaking wedding images I've seen in years!

Our sponsor Dennis Pike takes some of the most beautiful wedding photos totally on-the-fly, and he could do the same for your wedding. But first, you won't believe some of these images…

Amanda and Ilana's Cape Cod wedding.
Amanda and Ilana‘s Cape Code wedding.

As you can see from Amanda and Ilana's gorgeous Cape Cod wedding, Dennis can also shoot your destination weddings. Since he's located in New Jersey, he can easily cover multiple states — including New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and as far as Maine.

Kaleigh and Mark's Mohonk Mountain House wedding in New Paltz, NY.
Kaleigh and Mark‘s Mohonk Mountain House wedding in New Paltz, NY.

I love the intimate nature of this photo. I'm guessing the reason that Dennis can easily pull of shots like this is because of his outlook on wedding photography…

My favorite weddings are ones that are a true reflection of who the couple truly is. I tend to connect with people who feel the same way, and having a great connection with a couple is incredibly important to me. When there is a great connection and comfort, it absolutely shows in the photos — people can feel to be who they are, and look back on their wedding photos as a beautiful representation of the greatest day of their lives.
Megan and Colin‘s German Society of Pennsylvania wedding.

Dennis Pike offers all day wedding coverage, and when he says “all day,” he means it. Dennis will be there from the beginning of the day (making that moment you get your hair sprayed look like a freaking work of art), until the very end of the reception (snagging photos like the one you see above).

Mike and Michelle's NYC wedding.
Mike and Michelle‘s NYC wedding.

I recommend you hop into a virtual taxi, head over to Dennis Pike's website, take in some more of his amazing images, and then book him for your wedding ASAP!

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Comments on New Jersey’s Dennis Pike Photography’s images are so stunning I can’t believe they’re real

  1. I am blown away…. Those are not staged??? I had to click on the link to believe it. How great he must make people feel that they pose so perfectly…. Magical. Magical even if they were staged. And Beyond that because they aren’t…..

  2. The portraits are clearly staged to some extent. In the taxi shot there’s a light source inside the car… and in the umbrella shot, there’s a light source illuminating their faces. The long-exposure especially would’ve taken some organising.

    Still, amazing work. If anything, I find that more impressive, because it means he created an amazing shot, instead of it being any kind of fluke.

    • Oh, totally a lot of these were staged, as most wedding portrait sessions are staged, posed, lit, etc. But, as I mentioned in the beginning, I was talking about how I can’t believe these weren’t “styled shoots” — as in fake couple, and a team of people just spending the day staging the “perfect wedding shots.”

      Like… Dennis just took these photos on the actual day, with real, non-model couples, with all the craziness going on, and the gear that he had on him, without a team of professionals styling hair, adjusting lights, and fluffing the models (or whatever happens on those shoots — I don’t ask questions.) 😉

  3. They’re beautiful. I love the snow shot! That one reminds me of the work of Andrew Todes. He shot our wedding, and frequently creates works that are similarly ethereal. Three cheers for outstanding artists!

  4. STUNNING! I’m a little sad I didn’t know about this guy when I got married, he’s awesome!

  5. Dennis did our wedding and we were thrilled – he understood exactly what we were looking for right away, and he was a pleasure to work with all throughout. He made everything extremely easy — I’d definitely recommend him!

  6. Dennis shot our wedding and it was the best decision of the day (except of course for my choice in groom :)). Dennis captured things in a way I didn’t even know possible and was so fun to have by my side all day. He is everything you could ask for in a photographer and more. His images speak for themselves, but really, you can’t go wrong with Dennis.

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